How to speed up bone graft healing?

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How to speed up bone graft healing

Bone grafting is a process that should be done carefully. When people lose their teeth, their jawbone remains there and starts to deteriorate with time, which is not good for your oral health. Some factors affect healing time after bone graft surgery. In this guide, both pre and post-bone grafting tips are discussed that will certainly help speed up the healing process.

How to speed up bone graft healing?

The process of bone graft healing depends on different factors:

  • Age of that person
  • Type of bone graft
  • Area of bone graft
  • The health of that person

Normally the period for its recovery is 3 to 9 months but in case of severe damage, it can take longer period to heal completely. For faster healing, some things should be done before bone grafting, and some prevention should be taken after bone grafting.

Pre-surgery tips for fast recovery:

Before having bone graft surgery you should prepare your body for it. You should take a balanced diet (such as food that is high in protein, minerals, vitamin D, etc.), and do some exercise (it will improve the strength of your muscles. If you don’t know which exercise you should do, then consult with your doctor, he will guide you properly).

Post-surgery tips for speeding up healing:

After bone graft surgery, you should follow the instructions of your doctor. You have to take care of yourself to make a quick recovery. If you don’t pay attention then your healing process can be time taken. The following are the things that must be considered after a bone graft:

  • Protect from infection
  • Use cold therapy
  • Avoid smoking
  • Role of physical exercise
  • Pain management
  • Role of rest and sleep
  • Healthy diet

Protect from infection:

After surgery there is a large risk of infection, you should follow the guidelines given by your doctor to protect yourself from infection. Symptoms of infection may include redness, swelling, pain, and some other symptoms. If you notice any of these symptoms consult your doctor immediately.

Use cold therapy:

You may notice swelling after surgery, for reducing swelling you should use an ice pack and place it at the surface where you feel swelling. In the case of dental bone graft, keep an ice pack on your face for almost 9-10 minutes and use it twice a day, it will reduce swelling also minimize bleeding.

Avoid smoking:

For faster recovery, avoid smoking because smoking can slow down the recovery process. 

Role of rest and sleep in healing:

As you know sleep is too much important for normal functioning of your body. You should take proper rest and sleep well without taking any stress because if you don’t take rest properly then your body will not be active. For quick healing both your mind and body should be active. 

Healthy diet:

After dental bone graft, you should take soft food as it would be easier for you to eat. You should avoid taking such foods that need proper chewing. For almost 2 weeks take soft food. 

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