A Smile Makeover: The Role of Orthodontics in Transforming Your Teeth

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Smile Makeover

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you hide your smile for crooked, crowded, or spaced-out teeth? You’re not alone. A survey conducted in Surrey found that 48% of adults are unhappy because of their dental issues, with 64% saying that their tooth structures are the first thing they would change about themselves. If you’re one of them, there’s good news. Orthodontic treatment can transform your tooth structures, giving you a perfect smile that you can be proud of. In this blog post, you’ll explore the role of orthodontics in achieving a smile makeover and how to find a professional orthodontist Surrey.

Surrey’s orthodontic department is dedicated to providing high-quality care for patients of all ages. With state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals, they offer a range of treatments to help patients achieve straighter, healthier smiles.

What is Orthodontics?

It is a dentistry branch that focuses on correcting the alignment of teeth and jaws. An orthodontist is a dental specialist with additional training in this area. It can fix various dental issues, from crooked teeth and gaps to overbites and underbites.

Why Orthodontics?

Orthodontics encompasses more than just achieving straight teeth; it can also provide numerous health benefits. Having crooked or crowded teeth can impede proper teeth cleaning, resulting in dental caries and periodontal disease. Misaligned jaws can also cause difficulties with speaking and chewing, leading to jaw pain and headaches. By addressing these concerns, orthodontic interventions can enhance oral health, smile, and overall well-being.

Types of Treatments

  • Braces

Braces are the most traditional form of orthodontic treatment. They consist of brackets attached to the teeth and wires that apply pressure to move teeth into the correct position. Braces can be made from metal or transparent materials, making them less noticeable.

  • Clear Aligners

Orthodontics can be carried out more inconspicuously with clear aligners. These aligners, which are crafted from transparent plastic, are nearly imperceptible. They are designed uniquely for every patient and are switched every two weeks to adjust the teeth to their proper positions gradually.

Procedure for Adults

The orthodontic procedure is no longer limited to children and teenagers as an increasing number of adults are now seeking this treatment to enhance their smiles. A survey found that 27% of orthodontic patients are adults. With discreet options like clear aligners, adults no longer have to feel self-conscious about their smiles.

Finding an Orthodontist in Surrey

With a focus on patient’s comfort and satisfaction, Surrey’s orthodontic department is committed to transforming smiles and boosting confidence. If you’re looking for a professional orthodontist in Surrey, there are several things to consider. Search for an orthodontist with both a solid reputation and ample experience. Utilize online reviews and seek referrals from acquaintances and loved ones. You should also consider the location of the orthodontist’s office and the availability of appointments that fit your schedule.

The Benefits:

Orthodontics can have a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Better oral health
  • Improved speech and chewing ability
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Reduced risk of jaw pain and headaches

Such a procedure can also be a long-term investment in your oral health. By correcting dental issues, you can prevent more severe problems down the line.

The Cost

Orthodontic treatment expenses can differ based on the procedure type, duration, and degree of dental problems. Nevertheless, numerous specialists provide flexible payment schemes to make the treatment reasonably priced. Moreover, some insurance policies cover orthodontic treatment, so verifying with your insurance provider is advisable.

If you’re dissatisfied with your teeth and seeking a radiant smile that fills you with pride, consider undergoing orthodontic treatment backed by a skilled professional.

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