How to fix a cracked tooth naturally?

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How to fix a cracked tooth naturally

Your tooth may crack sometimes which causes pain or discomfort. It is also called CTS (Cracked Tooth Syndrome). A tooth can be cracked due to different reasons like tooth grinding, tooth decay, root canal treatment, etc. In the case of CTS, you must visit a dentist to fix it properly as negligence in such cases can cause further damage or increase in pain.

But if you are unable to visit the dentist due to some reason then you can use some natural remedies for getting relief from pain at home. In this guide, we have described how to fix a cracked tooth naturally. There are different ways to fix a cracked tooth naturally some methods are described below in detail.

How to fix a cracked tooth naturally?

Using natural remedies can help reduce pain or also protect the tooth from further damage but all the natural remedies are temporary. For proper treatment have an appointment with the dentist and get professional treatment.

  • Clove oil:

Clove oil is most effective as it provides quick relief from pain. You should apply 2-3 drops on the affected tooth. You can apply it directly or also by using cotton. It doesn’t heal the cracked tooth. It only provides relief from pain.

  • Salt water rinse:

Take warm water and mix some salt in it. It protects cracked teeth from infection and is also effective in reducing inflammation. Use this water 2, 3 times a day. You will feel much better. 

  • Ice pack:

A cracked tooth can cause swelling or irritation, to reduce the swelling you should place an ice pack for 5-10 minutes. It provides relief from pain and inflammation.

  • Guava leaves:

It is noticed that guava leaves are good for teeth. So, it can be used to fix cracked teeth. Take guava leaves and let them boil in water, boil it properly. Then cool the water and stain it. Apply this water on the damaged tooth using cotton. Place dipped cotton on the damaged tooth for some time.

  • Peppermint tea bags:

These tea bags contain tannic acid which is good for the health of teeth, simply place the peppermint tea bag in water and boil it properly. Then cool it and place the tea bag on the cracked tooth for almost 10 to 15 minutes. You can repeat this process daily.

  • Dental wax:

Dental wax is very helpful in the case of a cracked tooth because when a tooth cracks its edges become sharp which can cause damage to our sensitive tissues. To protect your sensitive tissues apply dental wax on your tooth. It also protects from infection.

  • Oral hygiene:

You should use fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth regularly (2 times a day).

  • Painkillers:

In case of pain, you should take painkillers as they will provide you relief rapidly.

  • Eat carefully:

In case of a cracked tooth, you need to take some precautions so that your tooth can heal rapidly. You should not eat hard foods or foods for which too much chewing is needed. Don’t eat from the side of a cracked tooth. Eat from the other side because chewing from the side of a cracked tooth can cause further damage to your tooth.


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