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How to break a lock? Guide

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How to break a lock

Everyone face with a problem of losing key or sometimes, lock became jam and cannot be opened. All these things can create a great problem for you. Here in this article, we have discussed different methods that will help you to know how to break a lock. But knowing which types of locks can be broken easily can help you in increasing security. Because when you know that which type of lock is more secure.

How do you break a lock quickly without key?

There are many methods for breaking locks but the question is which one is the fastest method. This can be done by using different tools or by using some tricks. Like opening a lock with hair pin or with the help of the hammer. This can also be done by using wenches.

So, the easiest method is to break a lock by using hammer. You should insert your two fingers in the shackle of the lock and pull it, then hit that side of the lock with hammer that contains fixed end of the shackle of the lock.

What household items can you use to break a lock?

Some household equipment like small screwdriver, a hex wrench, a hair pin, and a heavy-duty paperclip are used to break a lock. But some other tools can also be used, these are cotton swab and bamboo skewer that is a kitchen instrument.

How to break a lock without tools?

There are some tricks that can help you to break a lock without using special tools, one simplest method is by using two wenches. For this purpose, grasp the lock with wenches in such a way that its U-shaped clasp are between the shackles of the lock. Then, bring them closer to each other this will help in breaking the padlock without any instrument.

Can a hammer break a lock?

Yeah, hammer can be used to break a lock but usually MASTER locks are broken with the help of the hammer.

Which tool is used to break a padlock??

Most people ask that which tool is best or which one is more suitable as compared to lock. In most cases, Bolt cutters are used for breaking locks with tools. Read more about How To Get New Blinds For your Home.

How to break a lock?

Now, we are going to discuss different methods in detail that are used for breaking a lock.

  1. The Door Lock Method
  2. The Padlock Rapping Method
  3. Using Bolt Cutters
  4. Using an Angle Grinder
  5. Using a Cutting Torch
  6. Using a Hacksaw

Drill the lock:

It is the easiest method, because with the help of this method you can cut that part of the lockj which prevents it from opening and causing a trouble for you.

Following are the some parts of the locks that you should drill for breaking a lock;

  1. In case of door locks, you can target the screws that are connected to the door.
  2. In case of padlock, target that points where screws are connected to the body of the lock.

Use a screw driver:

The other method is by using a screwdriver. For this different tricks are used. One is by using a can of compressed air. Provide this compressed air at the point of the keyhole. When you do so, pressure is provided which can break the lock.

Melt the lock with the help of Blowtorch:

If blowtorch is available, then you can heat up the lock. But this method is used only for locks that are loose like padlock, etc. This method is very dangerous but make sure that you use this method in that case when no other option is available.

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