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How To Get New Blinds For your Home

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New Blinds For your Home

Are your window blinds starting to look dull, old, and faded? If you answered yes, then we should have a quick talk about blinds! There are so many types of blinds these days, that unless you’re some sort of blind expert, it can be hard to know what to do.

This is why we’ve enlisted the help of the blinds experts at DotcomBlinds.com to help walk you through the process of finding a new blind for your home. From measuring up to installing your blinds we have all the answers you could ever need!

Measure Your Windows

The first thing you should do when you need new blinds is to measure your window. The size of your window will impact what types of blinds you can have, so knowing the size in advance can help you know what blinds will work in your window.

For most windows, you just need to measure the window recess, side to side & top to bottom, it’s that simple! Make sure to take the measurements from 3 locations as not all window recesses are perfectly straight. Or, you could measure the size of the blind you currently have in the windows. Read more about We Make Buying Your Dresser Easy.

Find A Made To Measure Blinds Retailer

Once you know what size your blind will need to be, you need to find a company that can make you blind to your measurements, like DotcomBlinds. If you’re not sure what blinds they can make to your needed size, simply give the business your measurements and ask what types of blinds they can make to that size.

They should let you know what types of blinds they can offer; from there you can check how much your blinds would cost and find a blind that fits your budget.

Get Free Fabric Samples

Before ordering your new blinds, you should look around at the different colors and fabrics that the retailer offers, to find one that fits your style. A good way to do this is by ordering some free fabric samples so that you can see and feel the fabric of your blinds before committing to a purchase.

Just look for the fabrics and colors you’re interested in, order samples for them, and in a few days, your samples should arrive for you to peruse. This is a really important step, as without free fabric samples you won’t have a clear idea of how the fabric looks and feels in person.

Choose & Order Your New Blinds

Once you’ve received your fabric samples, it’s time to choose what one you’d like to have as your blind. There are many factors involved in this choice, but personal style should be the biggest. After all, you’ll be seeing your new blind every day, so make sure you like the look of it!

Once you’ve selected your blind, find it on the retailer’s website. Most made-to-measure blinds retailers will let you input your measurements to get a price for your blind & add it to your basket. Once you’ve put your sizes in and added the blind to your basket, check out as you would on any other retail site and wait for your blinds to be delivered.

Install The Blinds In Your Window

When your blinds arrive, all you need to do is put them up! Luckily for most blinds, this is a simple affair and at most, you’ll have to drill a hole or two into your recess and then secure the blinds. But as different blinds and retailers will have different installation processes, it’s best to just follow the instructions provided with your new blinds.

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