Eco Friendly Fabrics That You Can Use To Create a Stylish Home

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Eco Friendly Fabrics

Environmentally conscious fabrics have multiple useful advantages in home design. By picking these fabrics, you’re taking an individual step to help the planet in years to come. However, they also lend uniqueness to your home that other materials can’t match. Eco-friendly wallpapers and upholstery fabric by the yard are made from natural fibers, making them easier to care for and more durable than some synthetic alternatives. Grasscloth wallpaper and flax linen fabric are two beautiful, functional and eco-friendly choices that can make a home design stand out.

Using Grasscloth Wallpapers

Traditional wallpaper is made from paper with an acrylic vinyl coating. This wallpaper doesn’t have much texture or visual weight. Grasscloth wallpaper is an unexpected and eco-friendly alternative.

What Is Grasscloth Wallpaper?

Grasscloth wallpaper starts with natural, quick-growing grass fibers. These grasses are long, broad and sturdy. Jute, bamboo, sisal, arrowroot and seagrass are all common choices.

A weaver produces the grasscloth by integrating the dried grass pieces. Then, a thin layer of paper anchors the cloth. A top coat gives the grasscloth wallpaper a variety of different looks, from ornate floral patterns to black grasscloth wallpaper.

Why use grasscloth wallpaper instead of traditional wallpaper? Grass grows many times faster than trees. This means that although grasscloth is labor-intensive, it’s easier on the planet’s natural resources than traditional wallpaper. It also has a richer appearance. The grass weave gives texture for a more expensive look and is more matte than traditional wallpaper.

What Goes Well With Grasscloth Wallpaper?

Grasscloth wallpaper is versatile enough to suit any room. It’s especially stylish in sunrooms and living rooms with plenty of natural light, as this accentuates the texture of the grass weave. Grasscloth wallpaper also has a beautiful, subtle aroma that makes it perfect for spaces you relax and unwind in, such as a hobby room or family room.

Using Flax Linen Fabric

Flax linen fabric is a durable and sustainable alternative to synthetic fabric. This textile is one of the earliest fabrics ever woven, with surviving examples from 38,000 years ago. Unlike prehistoric linen, modern flax linen fabric is smooth to the touch and available in a variety of prints and colors. Read more about How To Get New Blinds For your Home.

What Is Flax Linen Fabric?

Linen is another term for a plain weave, or the simplest pattern of creating fabric from thread. While linen can be woven from cotton or other materials, it most often refers to flax linen, which is made from the flax plant. This plant has been cultivated for thousands of years and is grown without using large amounts of water, soil, fertilizer or other resources. Flax linen can be coarse or smooth depending on how the flax fibers are treated and how many are woven in at once.

What Goes Well With Flax Linen Fabric?

Flax linen is the ultimate natural neutral. It fits well in minimalist styles, antique styles, and eclectic bohemian designs. Pair flax linen with anything from heirloom furniture to abundant houseplants to a mid-century modern design. Versatile flax linen fabric by the yard is at home in any room.

Choose eco-friendly fabrics and wall coverings for durability and quality you can feel. These fabrics have rich natural textures and are versatile enough to suit any home.

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