4 Things You Didn’t Know About The New Fujitsu FI-8170

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Fujitsu FI-8170

Document management is essential for any organization, but it’s especially critical to a busy office’s workflows. Several Fujitsu scanning solutions make document digitization, faster, simpler and more secure. Each scanner in the Fujitsu fi-8000 series, including its flagship model fi-8170, comes with a broad selection of time-saving features. This short guide will introduce you to four major functions that improve productivity and efficiency.

Multi-Feed Detection

Nothing fouls up your document digitization processes quite like a paper jam. Depending on its severity, you may lose a few minutes of time or end up with irrevocably damaged originals. Neither is a good thing. Fujitsu’s Multi-Feed Detection feature comes standard on the fi-8170: It uses ultrasonic technology to determine when sheets in your scan overlap and stops the scan job, allowing you to correct this problem. Not only does this help prevent jams, but it ensures proper image capturing for the most accurate scans possible.

Intelligent Paper Protection

The fi-8170 averts paper jams through its Intelligent Paper Protection features. Similar to Multi-Feed Detection, IPP uses both sound and image detection to sense conditions that increase the risk of jamming.

Sonic detection measures compare the sound of incoming paper feeds with a predetermined threshold. Should these sounds exceed that threshold, the scanner stops the job in progress. This is incredibly useful for detecting common issues such as twisted paper or embedded staples.

Paper distance monitoring keeps track of the amount of space between sheets fed into the scanner. If that distance doesn’t match the predetermined settings, the fi-8170 will halt the scanning job. This allows you to correct how your job feeds into the machine to avert jams. Read more about What Are the Business Benefits of Using a PDF Editor?

Automatic Settings

Like the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix-1400, the fi-8170 incorporates automated settings that make your scans more efficient. Blank page removal and auto-rotation ensure that your scans are properly formatted. Image cleanup and optical character recognition improve data capturing and produce complete, accurate documents. PDF creation settings make document saving faster, reducing the amount of time spent on your workflows. With the fi-8170’s ability to handle mixed documents, you don’t need to break up scan jobs with different paper sizes and feed them individually.

Speed and Volume Scanning

The fi-8170 also includes several functions that reduce the amount of time spent on scan jobs. It comes with duplex and single-sided scanning with speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. An automatic document feeder holds up to 100 sheets, cutting down on the need to feed your jobs manually. The ADF also incorporates an enhanced handling and exit stacker design to cut down on sheets folding over or falling onto the floor. With the fi-8170’s expected daily volume of 10,000 sheets, it can easily handle the scanning needs of a large organization.

The Fujitsu fi-8170 is a powerhouse scanner that adds value to any workplace’s operations. Its Multi-Feed Detection, Intelligent Paper Processing and automatic settings significantly improve scanning accuracy. High scan speeds make document digitization faster, while increased scanning capacity allows you to support multiple users effortlessly.

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