16 Best storage ideas for a clutter-free garage

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storage ideas for a clutter free garage

A cluttered garage room looks so messy and there would be no sequence of things. So, you have to face a lot of difficulty in finding anything. And it will also make your garage storage an annoying place. Here are different ideas to store everything properly in your garages without messing up. Following are some innovative storage ideas for a clutter free garage:

  • Clear your space
  • Follow the rule of divide and conquer
  • Storage cabinets
  • Use Shelves
  • Add ceiling storage
  • Magnetic wall rack
  • Cleaning tool hanger
  • Use pegboards
  • Use hooks
  • Hanging jars for nails and screws
  • Label storage bins
  • Bike mounts
  • Smart storage
  • Folding workbench
  • Garage storage tubes
  • All-in-one garage organizing system

Clear your space:

Before making any changes to make your garage clutter-free, you need to clean it properly. By cleaning it, you can easily know how much space you have. Then you should make a plan according to your space. 

Divide and conquer:

When you know how much space you have then you can select a specific site for everything. So that it will not mess up. This will give a better look to your garage and you can find the required item easily.

Storage cabinets:

The best way to organize everything properly to make your garage clutter-free is to install cabinets. You can put a lot of things in them and they will be safe (remain safe from dust) in cabinets. The cabinets are the best choice as when they are closed the garage will look clean. You can put everything separately in each cabinet. You should name each cabinet. It would be easier for you to find anything in the future. 

Hanging jars for nails and screws:

As you can put a lot of things in cabinets but when we talk about nails and screws, you should use hanging jars for placing them. It would be helpful for you to find these items easily.

Use shelves:

Like cabinets shelves are also useful for making your garage clutter free. If you have to store a lot of things in your garage then you should install shelves. Put those things on shelves that you want to be easily visible. It’s up to you which type of shelve you want to install metal shelve, corner shelve, and rolling shelve.

Use Hooks:

Hooks should also be used as they can be used to hang a lot of things in a small place. You can use them for hanging a lot of stuff. So, using hooks is also a good idea for setting everything properly in less space.

Cleaning tool hanger:

As from its name, you can understand it can be used for hanging things that are used for cleaning purposes like brooms, mop dustpans, etc.

Add ceiling storage:

Some items are so large that they can neither put in the cabinets nor on the shelves. For those large things like bags, suitcases, etc. you can buy overhead ceiling organization. They can be purchased online. It is strong and you can keep a lot of heavy and large-sized luggage on it.

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