Tire Storage Tips 

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tire storage tips

People in Atlanta often keep their tires unprotected during the winter, but one needs to take extra care when the warm weather arrives. Storing tires can be a frustrating and difficult job since they can take up a lot of space. However, they leave you no choice when you winter tires. 

If you are clueless about how to store your tires where they stay protected, you are not alone. It is not uncommon to see winter tires stored outside without even a cover. Keeping tires in unideal conditions can be a safety risk. Meanwhile, if you were injured due to a defective tire, an atlanta class action attorney can help you. 


Tire storage tips for the summer 

  • Clean and dry tires before storage. 

It is important to remove any kind of dirt, asphalt, and brake dust off your tires before storing them. However, soap does not work all that well. To thoroughly clean the tires, you may need to buy products that are specifically marketed to clean tires. Before you buy the product, check the label to see the ingredients. Avoid using products with petroleum and all tire dressings as they can be corrosive to your tires. 

  • Go airtight. 

Once your tires are clean and dry, store them inside large plastic bags. Before closing the bag’s mouth, try to remove as much air as possible. One way to do this perfectly is by using a vacuum cleaner attachment to draw out the air. Once it is done, seal the bag’s mouth properly. Vacuuming all the air inside is important to prevent the tire’s lubricating oil from evaporating due to the summer heat. 

  • Avoid storing them in direct sunlight. 

Pick a clean, dry, and cool place to store your tires, preferably before 77 degrees and away from direct sunlight. Also, they should be stored away from humidity to avoid condensation on the tires. Tires need to be kept dry or else they will corrode. Most people pick their garage to store their tires but forget that these locations go through extreme temperature and humidity changes. Therefore, choose wisely. You want to pick a spot with a consistent environment. 

  • Store them vertically or horizontally. 

Once you have found the perfect location to store your tires, it is also important to place them in the right position. Hanging tires or stacking can cause deformities if they are not moved every now and then. However, not everyone has the space in their houses to store them in the ideal way, which becomes a problem. If that happens to you, you can stack them on a shelf instead of on the ground. 


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