Sky Dining Singapore_ Things to Consider before you book!

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Are you a tourist in Singapore or someone from the country who is planning a sky dining experience? Well, Singapore offers several stunning attraction options and one such option that has become quite popular is the sky dining option. As the name suggests, the dinner is arranged in a sky setup, above the ground level of the city. No doubt, it is a stunning view of the surroundings in the midst of which you enjoy dinner with your loved ones. 

Moreover, it is a romantic dinner setup but there are options to carry your family along with you for special occasions and events too.

Singapore now offers two different sky dining options to the guests from which they can choose the one where they wish to go. One is the world’s first sky dining option in the Singapore Flyer Dining that is arranged in an in-flight capsule format. The second one is the cable car dinner that is arranged 100 meters above the ground level. 

Sky Dining Singapore: Things to Consider before you book!

Both the dining options are unique and worth visiting. But in order to get a smooth and convenient service, it is essential that you check out some basic details and factors before you book the package for the dinner in advance. 

The Location and Concept:

Before you think of booking sky dining Singapore, you need to decide upon the location and the concept of the dining option offered. If you wish to go for a unique dinner concept, then you should choose the shared capsule dining of the Singapore Flyer. But if you are excited enough to be at a visible height of 100 meters from the ground level, you can choose the option of cable car dining. 

Similarly, the Singapore Flyer dining offers you a view of the Marina Bay while the cable car dining concept offers you a view of the Resort World Island and Universal Studios. 

Number of Guests Allowed:

There are a minimum number of guests allowed in both the dining options because it is mainly a private dining setup. The Singapore Flyer dining is for 2 guests while the cable car dining is for a maximum of 4 people. So, basically, cable car dining is perfect for a small family while the Singapore flyer is for romantic couples. 

But in the case of the Singapore Flyer, there is a provision of adding up guests in your package by paying an amount on top of the actual package price per individual. 

The Menu and Package:

You will be able to relish a 4-course meal in both the dining options. But when you are here at the Singapore Flyer, you will be able to choose from Oriental, Western, and Vegetarian cuisine. 

On the other hand, if you choose to go for cable car dining, the package consists of the menu along with a thematic setup. You can choose from different theme packages such as destination-themed, Singapore Flavours, Sky High Bento, and the Champagne package. The price of the dinner will depend upon the package that you are selecting. 

Facilities Offered:

While you will get a lip-smacking dinner along with a stunning view in both the options of sky dining, Singapore Flyer dining offers extra facilities for the guests. 

The capsule takes 2 rotations while you are enjoying your dinner at the Singapore Flyer dining. Also, after you have completed your dinner, you get a chance to enter the Time Capsule too which is complimentary with the sky dinner. 

The Timings:

The Singapore Flyer dining offers you a dinner setup of 2 hours while the cable car dining offers you a dinner timing of 2.5 hours. 

The cable car dining has one slot of 2.5 hours from 5:30 pm till 8 pm. But when you are planning for the Singapore Flyer, there are two slots available and these are at 7 pm and 8:30 pm. 

For both the dining cases, you should make sure to check out in advance the days when they are open for servicing the guests. 

Whether you are someone who stays in Singapore or is a tourist in the country, sky dinner is a major attraction. You can always have a great time with your loved ones if you are planning in advance and making all the reservations beforehand properly.

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