PUBG’s newest map Deston Officially Revealed, Has A Giant Chicken In The Sky

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PUBG's newest map

PUBG’s newest map has been revealed and will be released soon. The new map, Deston, will be released on July 13 for the popular Battle Royale game. The map has a giant chicken flying over it. Presumably, it will launch on PC first, but that’s not immediately clear yet.

The map has been teased and referenced by developer Krafton, but has now been officially revealed during a “Dev Talk” event (see it further down the page). Creative Director Dave Curd talked about the new map and shared what to expect.

Deston is the biggest, tallest, densest map the game has ever seen,” Krafton said. “Throughout a match in Deston, players will experience dense urban environments with tall vertical buildings, rolling hills, plains and newly designed swamps. The map aims to offer the sweet spot between fun gameplay and immersing players in realistic battlefields. Deston will challenge players to learn each biome on the map to understand how it will challenge them to consider different equipment, vehicles, and cover to claim a chicken dinner.”

Deston has the first swampy environments from PUBG, including a mangrove forest. Other locations include the Central Plains (“strikes a balance between cover, scenery, and points of interest,” Krafton said), the Concert District (features a giant balloon chicken in the air), and the Western Highlands (features long lines of sight for snipers).

Also new to the Deston map is the new Ascender motorized pulley, as well as an emergency parachute which is an always-on default item. The map also has gas pump stations for players to fill up, but Krafton warns that they are susceptible to the “full effect of Michael Bay’s explosions” when shot at.

A new item, the Blue Chip detector, comes to PUBG with the release of Deston. This is a close quarters version of the Spotting Scope that can help players spot the location of other players within a certain radius. Two more weapons are also coming to PUBG, including the Origin 12 Slug Shotgun and the MP9 Machine Gun.

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