The magic 5 goggles net worth

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The magic 5 goggles net worth

The Magic 5 Goggles Swimming goggles have been reinvented with the feature of being fixed on the person’s face, to make it easier to swim and to prevent water from getting into the eyes. It was reinvented by the Shark Tank company and made huge profits, adding to the net worth of these googles. In this article, we’ll let you know the Magic 5 goggles net worth.

These goggles help a lot in reducing personal frustrations as they are designed to avoid all kinds of frustrations and distractions so that the swimmer can concentrate on swimming and get rid of all worries for a while. These goggles are available for men, women, and children to protect their eyes even in deep water. These goggles are not only responsible for reducing distractions but are also very useful for clear vision in the water so that one can swim freely and sensibly. 

What is the magic 5 goggles net worth?

The actual net worth of the Magic 5 glasses has yet not to be confirmed, but according to Spot’s net worth predictions, its worth is around $3 to $3.5 million. This net worth is proof that this reinvention has proved very effective and useful to grow their business to a great level. Different sources have different information about its net worth, as no one knows the exact value. Therefore, in some companies, it is believed that this worth may exceed $4 million. According to information from a source, it is stated that; “The goggles appeared on the show during season 13, with famous sharks Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, who were interested in signing a $1,000,000 deal with the company.”

“TheMagic5 co-founders Bo Habber and Rasmus Barfred appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 4 and asked the Sharks for $500,000 for 2.5% equity for $20 million.”

Things to know about the magic 5 net worth

The Magic 5 is the name of this business, whose entrepreneurs are Bo Haber & Rasmus Barfried. Bo Haber is the main founder of this business, while Rasmus Barfried played the role of the co-founder and is also running some other companies along with this company. This business is known for its “Custom Fitted Swim Goggles” expecting net worth ranging from $3 to $4 million. Both these entrepreneurs are used to asking for a 2.5% share in this business for expected net worth and used to deal with the buyers with a 6.5 % rate.

The outfit was exactly the same as the swimsuits Breckyn Willis’s partner wore.

Robert Herjavec plays the role of shark in this company with a monthly income of$300,000, as he invested 6.5% shares in this company. TheMagic5 swimming goggles are custom 3D printed under great supervision and these goggles use AI facial scanning technology, which is proven very effective in some cases. They are designed to fit every person’s face and are leakproof. As is also mentioned by the public in the reviews, they left on their official website. Reviews say they’re comfortable, as it doesn’t leave marks on your face, and have anti-fog technology.


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