Pros and Cons of building a wall on the border

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building a wall on the border

There are many purposes because of which you build a border wall. Mainly it is build for protecting the boundaries of a country from terrorism. But it does not meant that it always has advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Some pros and cons of building a wall on the border are discussed below in detail, to make clear the purpose of building a border wall.

Why you need to build a border wall?

This is the main point before discussing the pros and cons you should know that why these walls are built what are the main purposes behind this. Here we have listed some purposes like;

  • It helps you in protecting our country from terrorism.
  • It helps you in stopping or reducing smuggling from your country.
  • These walls protect our country from wars.
  • It also give rise to trade.

Pros and cons of building a wall on the border

Pros of building a wall on the border:

As we know that there are many advantages of building these walls, some of the main benefits are;

  • Prevent entry of unlawful stuff in the country
  • Help in sharing the intelligence related to criminals
  • Reduce smuggling and terrorism

All of them are described below in detail.

  1. Prevent entry of unlawful stuff in country:

We build these walls definitely for protecting the boundaries of our country. We can live in our country without any fear, it is only due to presence of these walls. Many people bring some illegal things with them with a bad intention (may be for any type of blast, for destroying the peace of a country or for something else like this), so in that case these walls provides security. Because no one can enter within the boundaries of any country (like US) without proper checking. Read more about Polymer concrete is more durable than traditional concrete.

  1. Share intelligence related to criminals:

Defence misters of Canada and US cooperate with one another in making the plans to protect their country from the terrorism and terrorist attacks. This sharing of information is the cause of sharing intelligence data related to the criminals.

  1. Reduce terrorism and smuggling:

As we have discussed earlier that these walls play a vital role in the protection of the people of the people living in that country. A lot of security measures are done before entering any stranger in our country. All these measures are done at the place where they cross borders, in this way it helps in reducing the fear of terrorist attacks and smuggling from US.

Cons of building boundary walls:

Following are the some disadvantages of building a boundary wall;

  • Environmental impacts
  • Human toll on crossing the border wall
  • Endanger wild life
  1. Environmental impacts:

Many environmentalists mention that building the border walls affect the wildlife. These walls prove a barrier in the way of migration of wildlife, some laws like national environmental policy act or endangered species act are waived for getting rid of this problem.

  1. Human toll on crossing border wall:

As we know that no boundary can stop the migration of people. For crossing these boundary walls people have to pay a lot of taxes that causes difficulty for many people.

  1. Endanger wildlife:

Some wildlife biologists said that these borders affect wildlife. A wildlife biologist “Jeff Corwin” said in his interview that “If this border wall actually happens, it will be no less than an environmental catastrophe.”

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