Common Uses of Aluminum Extrusions In Various Fields

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Aluminum extrusions possess an impressive combination of characteristics that make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. For one thing, Aluminum is a lightweight metal, making extrusions an excellent choice for applications where weight reduction is crucial. It enables the design of lightweight and fuel-efficient products, such as vehicles and aircraft, without compromising strength or durability. For another, Despite its lightweight nature, aluminum extrusions exhibit remarkable strength and structural integrity. They can withstand significant loads and stresses, making them suitable for applications that require robust and reliable components. Here is a popular example list created from the four largest industries to give you an idea of SJHM aluminum extrusions can be found.

Construction and Architecture

Our aluminum extrusions are extensively used in the construction and architecture industry. They are employed in the manufacturing of window frames, door frames, curtain walls, structural frameworks, roofing systems, and other architectural elements. Aluminum’s lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and ability to be easily formed into various shapes make it an ideal choice for these applications. The construction industry currently holds the largest share of aluminum extrusion products, and for good reason. Large-scale architectural elements such as skylights and canopies require sturdy yet lightweight structural components.

Roofing, fencing, and almost anything exposed to the outdoors need to have excellent corrosion resistance and may require additional surface treatment options such as anodizing. On-site assembly of prefabricated components requires fast, aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes adjustable solutions. All of these demands for various shapes can be met with well-designed aluminum extrusions at reasonable costs. That’s why aluminum extrusions are an excellent choice for creating stunning and durable structures in the construction and architecture field.

Automotive and Transportation:

SJHM aluminum extrusions find wide application in the transportation industry, including automotive, aerospace, and marine sectors. In automotive manufacturing, aluminum extrusions are used for body frames, chassis components, engine brackets, heat exchangers, and other structural parts. One of the biggest factors driving automotive manufacturers towards aluminum products is weight reduction to help improve efficiency. Vehicle beams, subframes, decorative elements, and accessories can all be efficiently manufactured using extruded aluminum to reduce weight while maintaining strength. This applies to the increasing use of aluminum extrusions for components in buses, utility trailers, off-road vehicles, and even aircraft.

Aluminum’s corrosion resistance is valuable for enhancing the durability of any transportation vehicle exposed to the elements, but it is particularly useful in marine environments, including boats and docks. Aluminum extrusions can even be used to manufacture lightweight battery enclosures that help regulate battery temperature in electric vehicles (EVs).

Electrical and Electronics:

In addition to the attractive finishes for consumer electronics and appliances, extruded aluminum can be easily shaped to create electrical enclosures and housings. While its high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are the primary value propositions for the electrical and electronics industry, the cost and weight are significantly lower compared to copper. They are commonly used for heatsinks in electronic devices such as computers, LED lights, power supplies, and audio amplifiers. Aluminum extrusions provide effective heat dissipation and help in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for electronic components. Additionally, aluminum extrusions are used in the manufacturing of electrical enclosures, housings, and profiles for wiring and cable management systems.

Consumer Products:

While the consumer products market represents a smaller share compared to the other listed industries, aluminum extrusions are still a popular choice within this field. Consumer products have a wide range of applications, and aluminum extrusions are often chosen because they offer a unique combination of performance while maintaining lower production costs. Camping chairs, baseball bats, golf clubs, bicycles, cookware, furniture, beverage cans, and more are frequently made from extruded aluminum.

These examples highlight the versatility of aluminum extrusions across different industries. With its lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, flexibility in design, and cost-effectiveness, aluminum extrusions continue to be a preferred material choice for various applications.

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