What is a crick in neck?

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crick in neck

It is not similar to that of neck pain, it’s slightly different from it. In case of a crick in the neck, you should see your doctor. But in most cases, people get rid of crick in their neck, by applying some home remedies. But it’s better to visit your doctor. Here in this article, we have discussed what is a crick in the neck, what are the reasons which you get a crick in a neck or treatments for getting rid of a crick. So read all the tips carefully and follow them whenever you face such a situation.

How long does a crick in your neck last?

A crick in your crick can last for almost one to two days in normal cases, but if you get a severe crick then it can last for a week. So, if your crick lasts for more than 2 to 3 days, you should visit a physical therapist.

What are the reasons for a crick in the neck?

There are many reasons which you can crick your neck, some of the main reasons are discussed below in detail:

  • Muscle spasm
  • Cervical herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Keeping the neck in an awkward position
  • Using a hard pillow

You can get a crick in your neck when you use a hard pillow or inappropriately keep your neck. You might face this situation due to muscle contraction (that pulls the nerves and puts pressure on your neck).

What are treatments for getting rid of a crick in the neck?

You can get a crick in your neck for the reasons mentioned above but the question is how to get rid of these cricks? There are different tips that you can follow for getting relief from this pain. Some of these are:

  • Using a heating pad
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Stretching
  • Visit physical therapist

Using a heating pad:

This method is used by some people, in this technique you have to apply a heat pad to the place where you feel stiffness and pain. You should apply heat in that area for almost 8 to 10 minutes, this will provide you relief. But if you don’t have a heating pad then you should take uncooked rice and heat them for 30 minutes in the microwave. Then keep them in a cloth and apply heat. In many cases, this method has proved very helpful but if you don’t get relief from this method then you should see your doctor or use some other technique. Read more about What effect handheld massagers have on muscles.


Having a massage is the simplest and easiest way to get relief from this pain. You can use hot oil and massage it in your neck area. Massage will relax your stretched muscles and will lessen your pain. You can also take a bath in hot water.


If you feel crick in your neck then you should move your neck slowly in all directions to stretch your muscles. Firstly, move it towards the right slowly and then towards the left. Don’t force if you feel pain then don’t do this.

Visit physical therapist:

If you don’t get relief by using the methods mentioned above then you must visit a physical therapist. They will adopt an appropriate method and guide you well to get relief from this pain.

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