Why do men have shorter lifespans than women?

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Scientists may have found the answer
“Particularly after the age of 60, men die faster than women. It’s as if biologically they age faster,” says the professor behind the new study of lifespans. An estimated 40% of people in their 70s suffer from the loss of this male sex chromosome, but could benefit from an existing drug that targets dangerous tissue healing.

Chromosomes are packages of DNA in every cell that come in pairs. Women have two X chromosomes, while men have one X and one Y chromosome. Professor Kenneth Walsh of the University of Virginia said: “Particularly after the age of 60, men die faster than women because of shorter lifespan. It’s as if biologically they age faster.” He added: “This new research provides clues as to why men have shorter lifespans expectancies than women.” Pirfenidone may help counteract the damaging effects of chromosome loss, said Kenneth Walsh, a researcher at the University of Virginia (UVA).

Scientists have uncovered new clues that could explain why men don’t typically live as long as women. Research suggests this is linked to loss of the Y chromosome, which can cause shorter lifespan and heart muscle to scar and lead to fatal heart failure.


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