What Are the Different Insurance Plans for International Travel?

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Insurance Plans for International Travel

Health insurance is an essential aspect of international travel. Without it, you might be unable to access healthcare services in your travel destinations. A great health insurance plan enables you to access the best-quality care when traveling with a wide range of treatments, therapies, and surgeries. It’s vital if you already have pre-existing medical conditions that require regular management or if you take prescription medications regularly.

However, even if you don’t have a chronic health condition, health insurance coverage is still vital. You never know if and when you will fall ill or sustain an injury that needs urgent medical attention. With healthcare insurance, you will be able to access emergency medical services and stay in the hospital while you receive treatment and recover.

What Are the Different Kinds of Health Insurance Policies Available?

There are hundreds of different health insurance policies out there, each with unique offerings and varying levels of coverage. Whether you are relocating to another country or taking an extended trip abroad, it’s important to find the right health insurance policy for your needs.

Let’s look at the various types of policies available to you when purchasing health insurance.

Single person policies

If you’re traveling abroad on your own, you will only require a single-person policy, sometimes also called an individual policy. This type of policy only covers you regarding healthcare services abroad. If one of your relatives or friends wants to join you at some point during your trip, they will need to purchase their single-person policy. 

Joint or couples policies

If you’re traveling abroad with a partner, whether it’s your wife, husband, parent, sibling, or best friend, you might wish to get a joint health insurance policy. A joint policy covers both of you if you need healthcare while traveling.

The upside to a couple’s policies is that it can often be cheaper to purchase than two single-person policies. However, the downside is that it is less flexible than an individual policy. Both you and your chosen partner will have the same level of coverage, and it might be difficult to customize your policy according to each of your individual needs.

Family policies

Those traveling with their families could benefit financially from purchasing a family health insurance policy over several individual policies. If you are heading abroad with your partner and children, a family policy will most likely be the cheapest option to ensure everybody has full coverage.

Choosing a family policy protects all of your loved ones and ensures they can stay happy and healthy during your time away. You can have peace of mind that your family is well-protected in the event of a medical emergency or injury for maximum enjoyment on your international trip. 

Child policies

A child policy covers a single child below the age of 16 or 18, depending on the policy regulations. This type of policy is great if you already have health insurance but want to travel with a child who doesn’t have an existing policy.

With a child policy, your little one can access medical care if they fall ill or get injured during your time in another country. Often, child policies are cheaper than adult policies but offer the same level of coverage. Again, prices will vary across different insurers, so this isn’t always guaranteed.

Payment options

Insurance companies tend to offer a few options when it comes to paying your premium. You can either purchase annual insurance for international travel, where you pay for 12 months of coverage upfront, or pay via a monthly subscription, where your annual insurance price is split into 12 equal payments.

Neither option is better than the other. It all depends on what you commit to financially at the time of signing up for your policy. Discuss with your chosen insurer to determine which option is most suitable for you and get their expert advice.

What Coverage Do You Get with Health Insurance?

As mentioned above, every policy is different, and every insurer has their preferences. However, in general, health insurance covers the following:

  • Prescription medications
  • Access to primary healthcare practices and a Registered General Practitioner
  • Hospitalizations
  • General surgeries and therapies
  • Emergency dental care

Then, there are also specialized policies or available add-ons that you can purchase to enhance your coverage. You may need a specialized policy if you suffer from a rare health condition that requires very specific treatment that may not be covered under basic health insurance policies. Alternatively, you can contact your insurer to see if they can enhance your existing policy so it meets your individual needs.

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