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New Year is regarded as one of the oldest of all holidays in the world. It is represented by the usage of some symbols and images to conjure up the lively spirit of the celebration and holiday. Here are great new year coloring pages for kids’ learning and fun reviewed here. Let’s get started!

Happy New Year Letters coloring pages

This happy new year coloring page has a big image of the letters that form the new year with some holiday decorations around it to put kids in the mood for the holiday. The Happy New Year with the fascinating celebratory coloring page keeps kids excited and lively during the period and gets him or them in the festive spirit.

Kids can also use these alphabet coloring pages to create a New Year banner on their walls by cutting out the letters, assembling the letters to form Happy New Year, and sticking them on a large, craft paper to be pasted on the desired position.

New Year Countdown coloring pages

The New Year countdown coloring pages help kids to be time conscious while in the mood for the festive season. Little kids, especially preschoolers and toddlers countdown the time for the celebration of the New Year By counting down with this great learning and fun activity.

To engage the kids to actively participate in watching the clock until it strikes 12, then this beautiful new year coloring page helps them to excitedly pass the time. These coloring pages feature the image of a large clock with long shorthands that shows that the time is about to strike 12.

These coloring pages aid kids to be patient as they have a good time filling colors to produce a beautiful image that has little twinkling stars, streamers, and a large clock. This is an exciting way to watch and wait for the upcoming new year! Read more about Check Out These 6 Best Movies on Disney Plus Right Now.

 Baby New Year coloring pages

The baby new year coloring pages show images of a baby. On these pages, there is an image of a chubby baby wearing nothing but a sash and diaper. There is a large New Year Printed on the sash and diaper that personifies the beginning of the New Year. Kids will love to engage in this coloring activity because of the large image of the baby they can color to their satisfaction.

New Year Fireworks coloring pages

This coloring page features New Year’s sparkling fireworks that fascinate kids. It makes it exciting and interesting for kids to color away. There is a traditional belief that the noise and smoke of the firecrackers that are heard on New Year’s Eve Chase away evil spirits and bring good luck to those who see them.

Kids can color these pages as they portray different images of customs and traditions related to the fireworks or firecrackers used to chase away evil Spirits. They can also make use of glitter glues for decorating the images on the coloring pages. These pages enable them to see the images of fireworks and know how it works if they haven’t encountered any in reality. It shows them the aesthetics of fireworks in the mood of celebrating the New Year festivities.

Father Time coloring pages

These coloring pages teach kids about Father Time which is a significant symbol in the celebration of the New Year festivities.  Father Time, as a symbol, has been used in New Year’s celebrations in diverse countries of the world most especially in the United States. The image of the Father’s time was derived from the Celtic God known as the Holly King and the Greek God of time.

These coloring pages have a big image of Father Time. Father Time can be seen in the coloring pages as a bearded, old man dressed in a robe and wearing a sash around his body. In most traditions, the Father Time image is the personification of time as it carries a timekeeping device, the hourglass, and a scythe that can be colored by kids to their taste.

 New Year In New York coloring pages

New Year in New York coloring pages are all about the city. Kids can get to know the landscape of New York and color the beauty represented in the pages. They can color the lovely cityscape images with the fireworks which pop to celebrate the arrival of New Year in the city. In New York, New Year is not only a yearly celebration but also a tradition that must be practiced by everyone.  This is a holiday period and on the coloring pages, images of fireworks, football, and other images are represented to be colored by kids. There are a lot of details on the coloring page for the kids to color to aid their fine motor skills, and hand coordination as they engage in this activity.

Santa Wishing Happy New Year coloring pages

Kids love Santa Claus as he represents the interesting holiday seasons and festivities.  Santa Wishing coloring pages are a great way to engage the kids in a fun and learning activity.

In these coloring pages, the beloved Santa Claus images are shown wishing Happy New Year to everyone.  The New Year is a celebration that comes a week after Christmas and Santa Claus is an active participant in this period. Kids can use the appropriate colors to make the Santa Claus image bright and beautiful. They can use the most suitable colors for the custom and the image of the New Year. This enables them to be able to recognize colors easily and utilize them effectively as well as efficiently to bring the festive period alive using their coloring pages.

 Connect The Dots New Year coloring pages

Connect the dots coloring pages aid kids’ numerical sense and letter recognition. In these coloring pages, kids can connect the dots on the Letters to spell ” New Year”. This activity excited kids and give them hours of endless concentration to connect all the dots to form the letters. Afterward, they can color the pages to make the words look good to the eyes. It will also exercise his fine motor and thinking skills as he navigates from one dot to another. After joining the dots, he can color the image any way he likes, but holiday colors will look best.

 New Year’s Fruits coloring pages

New Year fruits coloring pages are simply all about fruits that kids will love to color and even eat. In some countries across the world, fresh fruits are considered and utilized as the New Year symbols. These fruits include; pomegranates, figs, and grapes which have immense importance during New Year. The Italians believe that eating grapes on New Year brings prosperity throughout the year. As the clock strikes 12, 12 grapes from a bunch are eaten by the Portuguese which means a year full of prosperity and happiness.

Kids can find out the colors of each fruit and color them appropriately to match the original colors of the fruits. This helps them to recognize colors and their effective usage in their coloring activities.

Pooh Wishing You Happy New Year coloring pages

The coloring page features Pooh wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Kids love Winnie-the-Pooh, or Pooh, as he is widely known. He is a short and stout yellow bear living in the 100 Acre kinds of wood known to be friendly and kind to everyone in the woods and that’s what makes him popular and special to many kids who love him.  The bear has a good brain and may not be considered as brilliant but a great adviser to others. Kids can color this bear with the appropriate colors and have fun while at it.

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