Tips for Excelling in Your North Carolina Continuing Education

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Continuing Education

Passing your NC continuing education and exam is important to becoming a real estate broker. Requirements for North Carolina Contractor Continuing Education. Make the most of your coursework and study for the exam.

To ace, your continuing education test, make sure to:

Choose the Right Continuing Education Material So You Can Focus

It’s hard to find time to study for the exam at first, but eventually, you’ll be able to cut down on your studying time. Use the available resources, such as study aids that are tailored to the specific material on the exam. Take tests before and after studying so you can identify which areas need improvement, then focus on those topics.

Prepare for your North Carolina exam by changing up your practice exams to get a feel for question variations. Memorize the mathematical formulas that are crucial to success on the exam. Focus on what is challenging for you. Passing the NC real will seem less daunting.

Excelling in Your North Carolina Continuing Education

Work with others who are preparing for the same exam to help cover more material and stay accountable. Many people prefer studying in groups, so it helps to find other people that want to study with you because it is motivating to know that somebody is judging how well you study.

North Carolina: Brush up on your terms with these free flashcards provided by the NC Real Estate Commission

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before an Exam

Eating a good breakfast before and when you wake up will keep you energized throughout the day. Concentrating on staying calm and focused on what is in front of you will alleviate worries. So, practice lots of tests beforehand and do not study too much on the day of your exam.

You Need to Be Prepared, so Try Not to Rush

The key to success on an exam is to read every word of every question. It’s easy for keywords in a timed multiple-choice exam to be misread, which will change the answer.

If you misread a word in a question, the context of the whole sentence may have changed. A simple mistake such as reading “is” when it should be “if” can completely change the meaning. Take care to read each question carefully and look for an answer that matches if you make this type of mistake.

Attend All Your Classes

Make sure you keep track of the question you are on, and always check your answers. Do not leave any blanks or spaces blank, if you are not sure, just guess. If you are nervous while taking your test, it is possible to make a lot of mistakes and end up with a failed exam.

When you follow these five tips, ideally you will pass your North Carolina real with flying colors. If you need more help, be sure to take a look at our continuing education courses. RocketCert is known for delivering beyond expectations. We have an existing policy on no pass no pay to guarantee all our clients pass their exams. For continuing education, we work to ensure you get your license renewal on time.

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