How To Choose The Best Vertical Bike Rack Hitch

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vertical bike rack hitch

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best vertical bike rack hitch for your vehicle. First, if you intend to transport your bikes frequently, you should consider getting other kinds of racks, such as a roof rack or a cargo bike carrier. These accessories should be secure and not interfere with the car’s suspension. This post will help you make the perfect choice about racks. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to transport your bicycles very often, this type of hitch may be a better choice.

Before purchasing a rack, consider how secure it will be. You can buy a lock that will help you secure your bike. These are available in various sizes and prices. VelociRAX provides affordable and high-quality racks. In addition, you can use cable locks to secure your bike if you don’t want someone to steal it. These are a good option if you only want to transport your bike occasionally. However, if you plan to travel frequently, you should avoid this option.

Things to Consider for Purchasing Vertical Bike Rack Hitch

The critical feature to consider is the distance between the bike rack and your car. It’s essential to find a rack that will not cause interference with the vehicle’s clearance. The space between your hitch pin and the first tray should be enough. Ideally, you should also choose a bike rack that doesn’t limit weight capacity. If you have a lot of space in your car, you may want to consider buying a hitch extender. If your vehicle doesn’t have enough clearance, you should invest in a rack with this feature. Below, we mention what you should consider before purchasing a bike rack.


A hitch-mounted bike rack can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The more expensive ones tend to have more features. However, VelociRAX provides good quality with less price. They are made of all metal, making them more durable. However, the cheaper, thin ones are susceptible to rusting and breakage. You should check the manufacturer’s warranty before you buy. If it breaks, you can transfer the hitch-mounted bike rack to a different vehicle.


Before buying a vertical bike rack hitch, consider the maximum weight it can hold. The heavier your bike will be, the more stable it will be. Besides, you should also consider the height of the rack. You can choose from single-bike racks or tandems. You’ll need to purchase a hitch extender if you have a spare tire.

Hitch Rack

The hitch rack is the most popular type of bike rack. This type is more expensive than the other two racks, but it is easy to install. It is also compatible with most vehicles. Aside from being sturdy, it’s also easy to set up. It is an excellent option for cyclists who need a roof. It’s also lightweight and convenient.

A hitch rack that will allow you to access the rear of your bikes easily is essential. You need to ensure that it can fit on your vehicle’s roof and that the bike rack is secure. A high-quality hitch will not only look stylish but should be easy to use. A low-cost vertical bike rack will suit your vehicle’s needs, while a high-end model will provide the functionality that you need.

There are several types of vertical bike rack hitch. First, you can buy a hitch-mount rack to fit your bike. The most common style is a platform hitch mount. These types are a good option for transporting five to six bikes. Some models can also carry gravel bikes, although they are heavier. You can also choose between a road bike rack and a mountain bike rack. Once you’ve chosen the best model, make sure it’s easy to put your bike on your vehicle.

Final Words

A standard vertical bike rack hitch will work well with bikes with a standard frame. A TRS rack will be ideal for those with a carbon-fiber bike frame. You should also pay attention to the brand of the hitch.

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