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The Costs Of A Board Game Table

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Board Game Table

Having a board game table is an exciting feeling. Can you imagine all the fun you will have with your buddies as you play during those long game nights? Of course, a standard table from the kitchen – or basement will work out this purpose fine. But the thing is that a complete board game table will fit the bill way better. Not only that, but you also have the liberty to customize your table from scratch. All it takes is for you to come up with a design and specifications.

But the thing is that nothing is free nowadays. You will spend a considerable amount of money to get your hands on such a table. How much you will pay will depend on several factors. Check them out below.


Not many players will mind how their table appears. All they would want is a smooth surface to play on for hours. They might not care how a table will look. As long as it works, then there is nothing wrong with it.

However, this concept rarely appeals to avid fans and dedicated players. They want their board game tables to look as fancy, aesthetic, or horrifying as they can get. That is where style comes into play. You can make your board game table as stylish as you want. You can also opt for a specific theme or concept. Of course, most companies have preset designs and styles. But that means someone out there might be playing on the same kind of table you have in your recreational room. There goes the concept of being unique. 

So you can go all out and nuts with the style of your choice. Your choice will add to the expense. But do not worry too much about it. 


Materials will add to how much you will spend on your board game table. After all, you want only the best materials that will make your table shine and function. So why not go for it? You will begin with selecting the type of wood for your tabletop. Do you have an idea where to begin with this prospect? Here is a guide that can lend you a hand. But here are some of the common wood types you can use: oak, ash, teak, and walnut.

Each type of wood might not cost the same as the next one. So you have to research more on them. You will also consider the thickness of the wood that you will use.

Then again, you can opt to omit wood entirely. You can have a marble board game table. Even one that has metallic frames and components to bring that cyberpunk feel. You can also have a combination of materials. Now, a manufacturing company might take that as a challenge. But it is still something they can do. All you have to do is prepare the cash and the design. 


There is no board game table existing that has an additional feature or two. Features and extra components are probably the primary aspects that make a board game table, well, a board game table. Can you imagine a board game table that has no cup holders? Or how about one that does not have extra storage space for all the dice and miniature figures? It can be quite troublesome. So it only goes to show that your board game table has must-have features. These add-ons will surely rake up the cost of your gaming furniture. The more you add, the more you will pay. Read more about How to Create a Modern Kitchen.

Same with materials, each feature does not cost the same as the other. A cup holder will have a different value once you decide to have it sticking from the table or in the corners. The same aspect goes for storage and others.


Customization works a bit similarly to features. You can customize all you want for your board game table. Do you want to give it that retro or vintage feel? Or do you want to have some lighting systems as an addition? Or perhaps you want your board game table to act as a secondary cabinet? Any custom features and components will be welcome. Just keep in mind that the more you choose to have, the higher your table’s cost will be overall.


Of course, your board game table will not build itself. Some manufacturers will utilize robots to make one. But other more traditional table makers will use the best means there is – manual labor. Companies employ highly skilled workers, and craftsmen will work on your precious board game table. That also means you will have to pay a portion for their services. That is unless the overall cost of the table covers this aspect. 


It comes as no surprise that you will also have to pay for the shipping cost of your table. It is like your typical purchase from an online shop or outlet. Your total expense will increase a bit due to the shipping fee. Rates will depend on your location, plus the courier’s fees, and so on. 

Check For Deals

The neat thing with board game table companies is that they tend to offer deals and discounts for potential customers. It is up to you to look for these special offers that might cut your expenditure to a specific amount. So it would be wise to check up on a company’s website once in a while for these deals. Maybe they might have a winter sale? Or perhaps they offer discounts for first-time purchases? You better be on the lookout starting now.

How The Tables Turn

It is one thing to have a board game table that is unique and pleasing to the eye. But you have to make sure that your piece of gaming furniture functions well – not only for aesthetic purposes unless that is your intent. It does not matter whether you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on one if it does not work to your satisfaction. So you have to be careful with your design and the features it will have. After all, you will spend precious and hard-earned money so that a company can make it happen.

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