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If you’re planning to take the CBAP® exam, it can be an overwhelming process to figure out how to prepare. You have to decide whether you want to do the CBAP training online or in-person, find the right provider, and then determine if you’re learning style matches their teaching style before deciding if you’re going to pass your exam on the first try. To help your decision-making process, here is the only CBAP certification training program with a 100% pass rate from over 11 years and counting!

The CBAP certification  Program is broken down into 10 days of classroom training and a final certification exam. The first day will start with an overview of both business analysis and ITIL concepts, as well as a layout of exactly what you’ll be learning over your next nine days. You’ll work on case studies, activities, and group discussions all designed to help you master each core competency for CBAP certification.10 Days Immersive Classroom Program.

Over your last two days in class, you’ll prepare for the certification exam itself. We know that one way to retain information is to review it from different angles so we’ve created practice exams for you to take that include comprehensive explanations of why answers are right or wrong so when it comes time for your actual exam, every question counts!

Onsite 1 Year Access to LIVE Instructor-Led Webinars

Rather than having to do most of your learning on your own, an experienced trainer will present a series of interactive, engaging webinars that walk you through each of these objectives in detail. Classroom learning is always better than online training.

It’s more interactive and helps you retain information better because you are actively doing it rather than just reading about it. Our trainer uses graphics, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to help students master the material with no prior preparation required on their part.

Self-Paced Study Materials with Hands-On Assignments

The most important thing you need to succeed in any exam is knowledge, and there’s no better way to gain knowledge than with practice. With CBAP certification, hands-on experience is an essential part of your training. You’ll get plenty of practice when you use CBAP prep materials, which are designed to simulate real-world problems.

Each lesson contains detailed instructions as well as multiple practice tests. You’ll be able to follow along at your own pace, so if a topic doesn’t interest you—move on! The more focus you can put into your studies now, the better prepared you’ll be for your certification exam.

Sample Case Studies & Quizzes

An overview of what we’ll be covering in the classes, including access to some sample case studies and quizzes. Once you register for their live or online classes, you’ll have unlimited access to all of their course materials. These include Case Studies – Sample questions with detailed answers. Quizzes – Check how well you’ve mastered a concept by taking one of these pre-/post-test quizzes. Flashcards – Put your memory skills to work by memorizing key terms and concepts from each chapter. Read more about NCERT Books: Vital for Class 11th

Preparation Tips

This is a comprehensive guide for anyone who is about to take any professional certification exam. It covers major study tips and techniques that have been proven by students before you to be useful and successful in preparing for an exam. For most exams, there are four steps involved in being prepared and studying efficiently:

1) Determine what resources will be helpful in your preparation;

2) Understand how you learn best;

3) Create a study schedule that aligns with your learning preferences and time constraints;

4) Study, then re-evaluate until you’re satisfied that you’ve reached mastery. If you haven’t taken any professional certification exam, use these same tips!


The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification is the most prestigious credential in the business analysis industry and one of the hardest certifications to earn. The CBAP® exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and lasts approximately four hours, making it crucial to study not only hard but smart! To have the best possible chance of success on the CBAP® exam, you need an effective training strategy that covers all nine domains of knowledge—plus practice with CBAP® sample questions. This training program can help you get there!

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