The Best Alternatives to SurveyMonkey

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Meet the best SurveyMonkey Alternatives and start taking surveys with a professional platform and amazing tools, even with a completely free plan. The internet is loaded with tools that allow you to conduct basic surveys. However, not all of them have the same capabilities. Many versions of free survey software require people to sign up for an expensive monthly plan after a trial period. On the other hand, free plans often come with limitations that don’t allow you to collect the data you want.

Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives:-


Two of the online survey tools that have free licenses with advanced features are QuestionPro and SurveyMonkey, one of the most popular survey tools available on the market. It provides users with many features that other free tools do not have, but it is not without its limitations. Instead, QuestionPro offers users more free features and better customization and response collection capabilities.

Their professional and corporate plans are priced at $15 and $75 respectively. Through its free version, you can design email surveys and get access to real-time results in your control panel.


This SurveyMonkey alternative is ideal for those who want customization options. From adding cool background images to customizing questions, buttons, and CSS, there’s a lot you can do with this tool. Their advanced packages also offer integrations for Salesforce, HubSpot, and other systems. This SurveyMonkey alternative also provides you with several logic blocks. With this, you can easily schedule different smart polls.

Their Starter, Premium, and Enterprise packages (which are priced at $19, $49, and $149, respectively) come with a free trial. For companies, their Elite package is the most suitable. To know the price of the Elite package, you can contact their team.

Type Form:-

This SurveyMonkey alternative comes with a very intuitive interface that instantly improves the user experience. Apart from that, it also has tools that allow you to create both formal and personalized surveys. You can get creative and experiment with interactive quizzes and polls. If that takes too much of your time, you can opt for the pre-designed templates.

Other notable features of this SurveyMonkey alternative include HubSpot integration, conversion tracking, team collaboration, and more. When it comes to pricing, Type form is expensive. Their Essential and Professional plans are priced at $35 per month, while the Premium plan is priced at $70 per month.


SoGoSurvey was designed to help businesses create surveys, forms, surveys, and questionnaires. Once you start a survey with this SurveyMonkey alternative, the software’s analytics engine starts tracking various metrics in real time. You can see a variety of insights by taking a look at SoGoSurvey’s smart reports. You can easily share these reports with your organization’s employees and leadership. You can also export it to presentation software of your choice. It also comes with integrations for Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, and Basecamp.

All SoGoSurvey packages come with a 10-day free trial. This SurveyMonkey alternative offers three plans: Plus, Pro, and Premium, which are priced at $25, $40, and $99 respectively.

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