How We Handle Solar Removal and Roof Replacement After Storms

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Solar Removal and Roof Replacement

Have you ever seen houses with solar panels on their roofs? These panels help families turn sunlight into electricity, which is a smart way to save on energy bills. But what happens if the roof gets damaged by a big storm? This can be a big problem because the solar panels need to be carefully taken off before the roof can be fixed. Fortunately, our company specializes in this. We carefully remove the panels, fix or replace the roof, and put the panels back. Often, this entire service costs nothing because insurance can cover it due to the storm damage.

Why Consider Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation?

Imagine your roof needs fixing because a storm damaged it. If you have solar panels, they need to come off first. This sounds like a big job, but don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We are experts at safely removing solar panels and keeping them safe while we work on your roof. It’s important because you want to avoid any damage to these expensive panels.

Also, getting professionals to handle your solar panels means everything is done right and quickly. We label and organize all parts, making sure nothing gets lost or mixed up. This helps a lot when it’s time to put everything back. Moreover, because we take care of the entire process, you won’t have to deal with different companies. So, not only is your roof repaired, but your solar panels are also safe and ready to go back up once the new roof is in place.

The Process of Solar Removal

The process of removing solar panels is delicate and requires expert attention. First, our trained professionals carefully assess the setup of your solar system to plan the safest removal path. Each panel is methodically detached from the roof, ensuring that no damage occurs to the roof or the panels themselves. All the wires and connectors are labeled and organized systematically, which is crucial for reinstallation. The panels are then safely stored in a secure location where they will not be exposed to any harm. This step is particularly important to prevent any scratches or exposure to elements that could affect the panels’ efficiency. Our team takes every precaution to protect the integrity of your solar installation throughout the removal process, ensuring everything is perfectly preserved for when your roof is ready for the panels to be reinstalled.

Installing a New Roof Free from Storm Damage

After the solar panels are safely removed, the next big step is putting on a new roof free from strom damage. First, our team takes off the old, damaged roof. This part is important because we need to make sure that everything bad is gone and that the new roof will be strong and last a long time. We use the best materials to make sure your new roof can stand up to future storms and keep your house safe. Once the old roof is off, we start building the new one. Our team works carefully to make sure every part fits perfectly. We also check many times to make sure there are no mistakes. Plus, we clean up all the mess so your house looks nice and neat.

Installing a new roof is a big job, but our team knows exactly what to do. We make sure the roof is not only new but also better suited for holding your solar panels. And the best part? Often, this whole process might not cost you anything because your insurance could cover it if the damage was caused by a storm. So, you get a strong new roof that can protect your home and support your solar panels, possibly for free.

Reinstalling Solar Panels

Once your new roof is ready and strong, it’s time to put the solar panels back. This is a careful process because we want to make sure that the panels work just as well as they did before, or even better. We start by placing each panel back in its exact place. Our team uses the labels and notes we made when removing them to ensure everything lines up perfectly.

Then, we reconnect all the wires and systems. We check every connection to make sure the electricity will flow smoothly and safely. Our team also tests the panels to see that they are working correctly. We want to make sure you can start saving on your energy bills right away. Reinstalling solar panels is a precise task, but our team is skilled in making sure your solar energy system is set up perfectly. This way, you can get back to using renewable energy without any problems. Also, having the panels properly installed on your new roof ensures they will last longer and perform better.

How Insurance Can Help

Many homeowners don’t realize that their insurance might cover the cost of repairing or replacing a roof and solar panels if the damage is from a storm. In this section, we explain how this works. First, we help you check your insurance policy to see what’s covered. This means looking at the details to understand if storm damage to roofs and solar panels is included. Next, if you’re covered, we assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company. We provide all the necessary documents and photos of the damage to make the process easy for you. We also explain everything to the insurance company, so they understand the extent of the damage and the work needed.

This part is great because it can save you a lot of money. Insurance can pay for the roof and the solar panel work, which means you might not have to pay anything out of your pocket. We help you every step of the way, making sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to from your insurance.


Choosing our company means you get everything taken care of from start to finish. We handle your solar removal and reinstallation of your panels and the installation of a new roof. Plus, we can even help with your insurance claims.

If your roof has been damaged and your solar panels need attention, just call us. We make the process stress-free by managing everything. You won’t have to worry about dealing with different companies or complicated insurance details. Let us take care of the hard work while you enjoy a safe and efficient home. Remember, when storms hit, we’re here to help put everything back in place.

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