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Stem cell hair transplant

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Stem cell hair transplant

Traditional hair transplants and stem cell hair transplants have similarities among them. But the stem cell hair transplant does not require the removing of many hairs to the transplant of the area of hair loss. Instead, a stem cell hair transplant removes the smaller skin portion from which the hair follicles are harvested.

The follicles that were harvested from the skin reproduced in the laboratory and are implanted into the scalp of the person at hair loss position. This allows the hair growth from where the follicles were obtained and from where they are implanted. Read more about

Important things before hair transplant.

Stem cells:

Stem cells are the cells of the body that have the potential of growing body cells into different types of cells found in the body. These cells are the unspecialized cells in the body that are allowed to perform specifics things in the body. Stem cells have the capabilities to break themselves and to renew themselves into stem cells or another cell of the body. They help out in recovering the loss of cells by dividing and replacing damaged tissues.

The procedure:

A stem cell hair transplant was firstly done by Italian research in 2017. This procedure occurs by punch biopsy for extracting stem cells from a person. This biopsy is done by rotating an instrument in a circular motion for extracting a sample of tissue. Then stem tissues are separated from tissues in a special machine known as a centrifuge. It left back the suspension of the hair and again injected back into the scalp in the area of hair loss.

Effective hair transplant:

Some researches have shown good results and proved the stem cell hair transplant has effective results in the treatment of hair loss includes the following conditions: when hair follicles are destroyed and are replaced by scar tissues.2:Male baldness 3:Female baldness.


Recovery of the hair transplantation:

The pain procedure after having transplantation of hair is expected, and it can stay for the week. Not a lot of time is required for recovery, but physical activities should not be practiced for one week. Scarring at some places is expected as the fats are removed from that place. A person who took a stem cell hair transplant cannot drive a car by themselves.

Sides effects of the hair transplantation:

The possible sides effects that can occur by the stem cell hair transplantation are very little available. As with other medical procedures, there are chances that bleeding or infection can be occurring at the site of the sample is taken. Scarring is also another option of the side effect. Complications that can occur by the punch of a biopsy are rare. There is a small risk of damage to arteries and nerves beneath the sites. Liposuction can have the same side effects and complications.


Stem cell hair transplantation is having a lot of benefits and having the same method as traditional transplantation has. This transplantation causes fewer side effects and complications. This is considered more useful for people as they can reform and replace themselves with damaged tissues.

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