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Important things before hair transplant

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Seeing extra threads on the pillow in the morning can send anyone in a spiral. Hair loss is not easy. It makes them aware and even affects their self-esteem. A quick internet search will give you various home remedies that do not always work. When you lose your hair, it is best to go to a hair transplant clinic. This is because the best way to deal with hair loss is to undergo a hair transplant process. This procedure is an extremely effective way to combat hair loss. If you are considering this procedure and do not know much about it. No worries, I covered you. Here’s everything you need to know about hair transplants.

Hair transplant procedure

One of the most popular hair transplant techniques is FUE. During the transplant process, the surgeon gently and accurately extracts healthy hair follicles. Donor sites are usually on the back of the head or on the side of the head. These particular areas are chosen because the follicles located here are very resistant. Each follicle is carefully removed so as not to damage it. These follicles are then individually grafted into the new site. Grafting requires extreme precision and knowledge. Each graft should be placed at such an angle as to mimic the natural growth of hair. The transplant helps to restore the natural hair. The results of the procedure are consistent and very natural. Read more about

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Why you should go for hair transplant?

The thought of someone constantly pinching your head may seem painful, but the procedure is as painless as possible. It is performed under local anesthesia. FUE and FUT are two of the most popular hair transplant methods. FUT or strip method is a hair transplant procedure in which follicles are removed in a strip and then implanted. This type of procedure involves scarring. There are absolutely no visible scars in FUE as there is no linear scar on the donor site.


When it comes to transplant procedures, you have to be very patient, because hair growth is a slow process. You should wait about 9-12 months before seeing the final results of the transplant. Once a year has passed, you will be able to enjoy the new hair set. However, several sessions would be needed to get the best results possible. One of the best things about this hair loss treatment is that the results are permanent.

Consult before transplant:

Not everyone with baldness is an ideal hair transplant candidate. The best way to find out is to make an appointment with the surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine the scalp and determine the cause of the hair loss. Based on this, they will tell you if you are suitable for the procedure.

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