Polymer concrete is more durable than traditional concrete

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Polymer concrete

Polymer concrete is a type of concrete that uses polymer to replace lime-type cement as a binder. it might be used in combination with Portland cement in order to make polymer cement concrete. Armorock is a proven structural solution made of polymer concrete to eliminate corrosion found in today’s sanitary sewer collection systems and other corrosive environments. For its manufacturing mostly, thermoplastic polymers are used. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of polymer concrete structures, it brings decades of infrastructure experience to bear on your problems. Its headquarter is located in Boulder City. Thermosetting resins are used to provide thermal stability and more resistance against chemicals used in different applications.

Uses of polymer concrete:

It has high resistance and strength, and due to these features it is used for different applications some of its main uses are:

  1. Polymer concrete can be used for new construction or repair of old concrete.
  2. Due to its corrosion resistance and low permeability feature it can be used in swimming pools, sewerage structure applications, drainage channels, electrolytic cells for base metal rehabilitation, and other structures that contain liquids or corrosion chemicals.
  3. It is especially suitable for constructing and maintaining manholes because of its ability to fight against toxic and corrosive sewage gases and bacteria, commonly found in sewage systems.

Advantages of polymer concrete:

There are several advantages of armorock polymer concrete, some of them are discussed below:

  • Reduces the possibility of corrosion:

With the use of polymer concrete a solution is obtained that is dense and watertight, it prevents chemical attack and water penetration and thus prevents the possibility of corrosion. Internal micro-cracks in the cement matrix are prevented. In this way, the life of the structure increases.

  • Provides extra strength:

The polymer cement concrete is a solution that has fewer micro-cracks as compared to cement, thus it provides extra strength.

  • Provides resistance against weathering conditions:

It has strong binding forces, so it provides more resistance against weathering conditions.

  • No coating is required:

The main advantage of polymer concrete is that it needs no coating or welding of PVC-protected seams. Due to its smooth surface, it is used as a bonded wearing course for asphalt pavement and in skate parks.

Properties of polymer concrete:

Some properties of  it are listed below:

  • Firstly, it has high permeability and high resistance. It is very effective to provide resistance or protection against corrosion.
  • It provides a smooth surface and better binding force than cement, the binder is more expensive than cement. Its strength is similar to that of Portland cement.
  • It provides better adhesion to most surfaces, including reinforcements. It has long-term durability.
  • The weight of this concrete is lighter than other types of concrete (weight depends on the resin content of the mix ).
  • It’s difficult to manipulate the product with simple tools such as drill, as it has high density.

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