50 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas in 2023

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Pinky Promise Tattoo

It’s said that this pinky tattoo has been originated from Japan but some said that it was firstly used in United States around 18th century.  As all tattoos have a special meaning but before having any one you should be sure whether it is suitable for your personality or not. There are different reasons for which the people have tattoos. Tattoos are of different designs and every design has a special meaning. Many people make tattoos as they like them and are interested in having a tattoo but some just have it for fun and showoff. In this article, we are going to discuss facts about pinky promise tattoo that what does this tattoo symbolize and what is its meaning? And where you should put this tattoo?

What does pinky promise tattoo symbolize?

Pinky Promise Tattoo

This tattoo is like an agreement between two friends or two people, it is also considered as the symbol of trust between two people and a commitment that they will fulfill their promises that they have made to one another. And both partners promise each other that they will not do something that will hurt their feelings. But this tattoo has worth for those who really understand its meaning. 

Some have this tattoo as the memory of a special friend, like if two friends separate after sometime but they miss the promises they used to make with one another then they have this promise tattoo in the memory of that friend.

The simplest pinky tattoo design is the image of two hands wrapping pinkies. It is known as the most simplest design but it’s the most liked one as it has deep meaning. While making any promise many people used to pinkies.

Some thought it as couple’s tattoo but it’s not a couple’s tattoo but the couples may also have this tattoo to symbolize that they will fulfill the promises they have made to one another.

Is there any variation between this tattoo?

Pinky Promise Tattoo

Whenever you decided to have this promise tattoo you should also consider that in how many forms or designs this tattoo can be made. And which type of the design you want to have, it is considered as the most important decision before having this tattoo as it is a permanent tattoo.

So this tattoo can be in the following variations:

  • One Pinky on two arms
  • Promise on the pinky

Some people have written the word promise on the inner side of the pinky while others may have one pinky on one arm and the other pinky on the second arm. 

This tattoo has different designs but you should select the one according to your taste.

Where do you put pinky promise tattoos?

Pinky Promise Tattoo

After deciding the design, next step is to decide the place where you should have this tattoo, you should have this tattoo at the place from where you can show it to someone easily. The right and most suggested place for having this tattoo is forearm, shoulder, lower back, and wrist.

Here is the list of 50 pinky promise ideas for you in the following:

Here’s a list of 50 different types of pinky promise tattoos:

  1. Interlocking Hearts Pinky Promise
  2. Lock and Key Pinky Promise
  3. Feather Pinky Promise
  4. Moon and Star Pinky Promise
  5. Puzzle Piece Pinky Promise
  6. Anchor Pinky Promise
  7. Lotus Flower Pinky Promise
  8. Birds in Flight Pinky Promise
  9. Sun and Moon Pinky Promise
  10. Music Note Pinky Promise
  11. Infinity Knot Pinky Promise
  12. Rose Pinky Promise
  13. Tree of Life Pinky Promise
  14. Butterfly Pinky Promise
  15. Cross Pinky Promise
  16. Crown Pinky Promise
  17. Diamond Pinky Promise
  18. Paw Print Pinky Promise
  19. Wave Pinky Promise
  20. Mountain Range Pinky Promise
  21. Compass Pinky Promise
  22. Roman Numeral Pinky Promise
  23. Angel Wings Pinky Promise
  24. Rainbow Pinky Promise
  25. Heartbeat Pinky Promise
  26. Dreamcatcher Pinky Promise
  27. Globe Pinky Promise
  28. Celtic Knot Pinky Promise
  29. Dandelion Pinky Promise
  30. Elephant Pinky Promise
  31. Puzzle Heart Pinky Promise
  32. Feather Pen Pinky Promise
  33. Yin and Yang Pinky Promise
  34. Shooting Star Pinky Promise
  35. Book Pinky Promise
  36. Lightning Bolt Pinky Promise
  37. Geometric Pinky Promise
  38. Mermaid Tail Pinky Promise
  39. Sunflower Pinky Promise
  40. Serotonin Molecule Pinky Promise
  41. Angel Pinky Promise
  42. Wave and Surfboard Pinky Promise
  43. Bicycle Pinky Promise
  44. Hamsa Hand Pinky Promise
  45. Dreamy Clouds Pinky Promise
  46. Bicycle Pinky Promise
  47. Origami Crane Pinky Promise
  48. Camera Pinky Promise
  49. Paper Airplane Pinky Promise
  50. Chess Piece Pinky Promise

Special Significance of these Tattoos:

Pinky Promise Tattoo

Pinky promise tattoos hold a special significance due to the history and meaning behind the pinky promise itself. Here are a few reasons why these tattoos are considered special:

Sign of Trust:

Pinky promises are often made between close friends, family members, or romantic partners. By getting pinky promise tattoos, you’re visually representing the trust and loyalty you have for each other. It serves as a constant reminder of the bond and promise you share.

Childhood Nostalgia:

Pinky promises are commonly associated with childhood memories. Getting pinky promise tattoos can evoke a sense of nostalgia and innocence, connecting you to a time of friendship and simplicity.

Most Private and Personal:

These tattoos are typically small and discreet, often placed on the pinky finger itself. This intimate placement makes the tattoo more personal and private, known only to you and the person with whom you made the promise.

Strong Bond:

Pinky promises are often seen as solemn commitments, sealed with a physical gesture. A tattoo of a pinky promise signifies an unbreakable bond, a promise that is meant to last forever.

Shared Symbolism:

These tattoos can be shared by multiple people who have made the same promise. It creates a sense of unity and connection, knowing that others have made the same commitment as you.


These tattoos can serve as a constant reminder to uphold the promise you made. It holds you accountable and reinforces the importance of keeping your word.

Many Interpretations:

While the pinky promise gesture itself is universal, the design and details of these tattoos can be highly personalized. You can incorporate symbols, quotes, or imagery that hold personal meaning to you and the person with whom you made the promise.

Pinky Promise Tattoo

Remember, the specialness of a pinky promise tattoo lies in the meaning and intention behind it. It’s a visible symbol of a deep connection and commitment, serving as a reminder of the promises and bonds you hold dear.

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