7 Tips for Packing and Unpacking When Moving to Orlando

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Tips for Packing

Orlando is a vibrant city known for its theme parks, palm trees, beautiful beaches, and fun-filled activities. Furthermore, its warm and sunny weather allows you to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. So, no wonder this city strongly appeals to those considering relocating.

Whether you are relocating to enjoy Orlando’s vibrant life or seek employment opportunities, moving is no bed of roses. Amidst all the preparations for a successful and peaceful relocation, packing and unpacking your belongings can be the most difficult task. These two activities alone consume a major part of your time. From the moment you decide to move until you settle into your new home, you stay involved in these two activities.

Here are some tips to help you with packing and unpacking when moving to Orlando.

Tips for packing

Some tips for packing when moving to your Orlando house are mentioned below. They can make the entire process of packing easier and more manageable.

  1. Start packing early

The most important tip for moving is to start early. This allows you ample time to carefully consider all the essential packing aspects. You can sort through your belongings, and decide what to take with you and what to discard, avoiding wasting time packing and unpacking unnecessary items.

Starting early also allows you to handle the packing process in small, more manageable segments—you can pack room by room.

By starting early, you can avoid last-minute rush and stress down the line and save yourself from forgetting or damaging your precious belongings due to hasty and inefficient packing. So, starting early is perhaps the most important tip in this Guide for Relocation to Orlando. The more dedicatedly you follow it, the better.

  1. Make a plan for packing

Before starting packing, you must plan to carry out this activity effectively. Take time to strategize how you will pack everything and from where you will begin. Making a plan for packing allows you to streamline the entire process, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

To create a plan for packing, visit each room and list the items that will be included in the packing process. This list will guide you when packing your stuff, keeping you focused and on the task.

Prioritize packing based on the importance and frequency of their use. For instance, items you don’t use frequently can be packed before those you use daily or require immediate access, such as kitchen items, toiletries, and clothes. They should be packed towards the end of the packing process.

  1. Label boxes with contents

Labeling boxes is an essential aspect of packing your belongings. It offers many practical benefits, including staying organized, saving time when unpacking, and helping you locate specific items when needed. Labeling boxes also enables you to prioritize unpacking.

Describe the contents of one box when filled with items. Write the name of the room to which the box belongs. If it belongs to the kid’s room, write “Kids’ room” on all sides of the box. This step helps movers put boxes in the right place.

Use a permanent marker when labeling boxes and write in clear and legible handwriting so anyone can read it even from afar. If you have fragile or delicate items in a box, don’t forget to mention “Fragile” on it; this will alert you or anyone handling it to be cautious.

Another way of labeling is devising a color-coded system to differentiate one room from another. You can allocate a color to a specific room and use the same color on boxes destined for that particular room. For instance, if you assign a blue color to your kitchen, mark all the boxes that belong to the kitchen with blue color. Use the same strategy for the rest of the house.

  1. Declutter and donate

Relocating to a new place is a perfect opportunity to declutter your house by discarding or donating items that won’t find a place in your new home.

Decluttering your house before moving offers many benefits. It helps you eliminate stuff you have accumulated over the years and no longer use. By decluttering, you can significantly reduce the number of items you need to pack, transport, and unpack in your new home.

Another benefit of decluttering is that it allows you to start afresh in your new house. By discarding unwanted belongings, you can replace them with new things needed in your new home.

Decluttering also offers financial benefits. The number of items you pack and move directly translates into moving costs, especially if you are hiring movers for packing and moving stuff. By decluttering, you can reduce the amount and weight of the items you need to move, reducing your expenses.

Once you have decluttered your house, you can discard or donate the unwanted stuff. By donating, you can help others, allowing your belongings to get a new life and benefit those needing them. It’s a socially responsible way to ensure your unwanted belongings aren’t wasted.

Unpacking tips

Once your belonging reaches their new destination, the next step is unpacking your belongings. We have shared some tips to help you unpack efficiently.

  1. Clean the house before unpacking

It is much easier to clean empty spaces and surfaces than those packed with stuff. Therefore, before unpacking your belongings, clean the house to remove any dirt or debris which might be difficult to clean once you have unpacked your belongings.

Cleaning the house before unpacking allows you to create a hygienic environment for your family. It is also an opportunity to analyze the total space in your home and decide the best layout for arranging furniture and other stuff.  Furthermore, when your house is clean, you can place items directly into cabinets, drawers, or storage areas without worrying about dirt on your belongings.

  1. Unpack essentials first

Instead of unpacking all the boxes together, unpack the essential items first. You can unpack boxes that include stuff related to your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen before everything else. It ensures you have everything necessary to function in your new house. Accessing familiar things with ease help reduce the stress and disorientation associated with moving.

  1. Organize as you go

Unpacking can quickly make your house look cluttered, obstructing space to move freely and causing potential safety hazards.  So, start organizing your belongings as you unpack them so you can move around the house without any obstacles. Put them in their designated places so that their arrangement makes sense, making your house look organized. Organizing your belongings while unpacking also makes your space more useful, allowing you to access required items easily.


Packing and unpacking are unavoidable aspects of moving, whether moving long or short distances. Some essential packing and unpacking tips are mentioned above in the article. Following them can make your move more streamlined and less stressful.

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