Mike Pence Twitter

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Mike Pence Twitter

Mike Pence:

Mike Pence’s real name is Michael Richard Pence. He was born on 7 June 1959 in Columbus, Indiana United States. He is an American politician and lawyer. In the Republican administration pres of Donald Trump, he was the 48th vice president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Pence gave his services from 2013 to 2017 as the 50th Governor of Indiana. In 2020 their Democratic Rivals (Joe Biden & Kamala Harris) defeated Donald Trump & pence in elections. Before the Election Pence had given his services from 2013 to 2017 as Indiana Governor. Today we will talk about some explosive & sensational Mike Pence Twitter tweets. In this article, we will try to cover the recent tweets of Mike Pence on Twitter.

Mike Pence Twitter:

Mike Pence has 5.8million followers on Twitter. We will show you some interesting Twitter tweets of Mike Pence. Some interesting Tweets are as follow;

Happy Thanksgiving on 25 Nov:

In this tweet, Mike pence is thanking America. He wrote on Nov 25, 2021 “On Thanksgiving Day, we gather with those we love to Give Thanks for God’s Blessings of faith, family & freedom. And we breathe a prayer of thanks for the Brave Americans Defending Freedom here & abroad, & all those working to keep our Nation safe”.

One reply for this tweet really matters, Kristina Wong replies to Mike Pence; “Are you thankful for The J6 rioters who tried to hang you?”

Mike Pence Retweeted on Nov 19:

“Advance American Freedom” on Nov 19, 2021

Help us to put a stop to the Radical Left & their Reckless Agenda!

He posted “Become an Advancing American Freedom Founding Donor, Make a contribution today. Donate today! Support Advancing American Freedom!”

Mike Pence Tweets ON 19 Nov:

Mike Pence wrote in his tweet on Nov 19, 2021; “Republicans Unanimously Oppose Build Back Better Act After Historic Kevin McCarthy Speech”.

“Not a single Republican voted for the behemoth Build Back Better Act after Kevin McCarthy delivered a record-setting eight-hour-long speech.”

Mike Pence tweet on Nov 19, 2021, he wrote; “The people of New Jersey fired the Democrat senate president, gained six seats in the State Assembly, and delivered a photo finish for @jack4nj! Thank you @yaf and @JayWebberNJ for a truly inspiring night! The Red Wave is coming in 2021!”

He again tweet New Jersey fired on 19 Nov 2021, he wrote; “Great being at the New Jersey Reagan Day Dinner last night to congratulate @NJGOP on the Big 2021 Election Night! The American people are saying loud and clear that they have had enough and here in New Jersey, this month voters delivered the biggest Republican gains in TWO DECADES!”

 Mike Pence Tweets on 17 Nov:

Mike Pence Twitter wrote in his 17 Nov 2021 tweet;” Thank you @GOPGovs for such a warm welcome at the RGA’s Conference in Phoenix! Republican Governors are leading the Fight for Freedom and @KarenPence and I were honored to stand with you all! Here’s to the Red Wave in 2021!” Read more about Important facts about NASCAR Reddit.

Retweeted on Nov 17:

Mike retweeted the post of Doug Ducey, He wrote; “Americans are tired of failed of leadership in Washington and are ready to elect Republicans around the nation. It’s my pleasure to host the RGA’s annual conference in Phoenix and to welcome former Vice President and Indian Gov. @Mike – Pence to tonight’s dinner and reception. @GOPGovs”

These were some recent tweets of Mike Pence Twitter. His total tweets on Twitter are 13.9K tweets. Are you a former vice president Mike Pence supporter? Do you want Republicans again to run the American Government? What are your opinions and what do you think about Mike Pence and his tweets?

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