What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza?

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Brooklyn Style Pizza

Various kinds of pizzas are named after the places or cities where they originated or were created first. Examples of such are Chicago pizza, Detroit pizza or New York City pizza etc. All of these have distinct flavouristic specifications base on little variations in the recipes or the method of making. NYC pizza is amongst the most recognize and popular pizza styles. However, New York City is a hugely vast and populate place, divide into many counties, boroughs and towns. Brooklyn happens to be one of them having a specific pizza style name after it.

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Brooklyn style pizza is a deliciously unique and vibrant pie that reflects the charms of the place it is name after with its savoury burst of flavour. The Brooklyn style pizza is said to be inspire and evolve from the widely recognize New York City Pizza.

Brooklyn Style Pizza Specifications

As mentioned above, Brooklyn style pizza is develope from and is quite similar to NYC style pizza. However, there are also certain distinctions present that distinguish one from the other. These are simple but significant differences capable of transforming the entire taste and feel of a pizza.

  • The dough for Brooklyn style pizza is hand-tosse similar to the NYC style pizza dough. It is then hand-stretch to acquire the desire size of the pizza which is also the same as NYC style pizza, ranging between 18 to 45 inches. It is then cover with tomato sauce and garnish with dry and grat mozzarella. The amount of mozzarella use in Brooklyn style pizza is higher than that use in NYC style pizza.
  • The crust is also a distinguishable part of it. If you want lesser dough than the normal hand-tosse pizzas offer but still more than what the thin-crust pizzas provide. Then Brooklyn style pizza is the perfect choice for you. The crust of the Brooklyn pizza has another distinct element. Which is the addition of cornmeal to make the crust crispier than normal. The crust despite being thinner is bake in more fat to achieve the desire crispiness. Hence Brooklyn pizza can technically not be call healthier than other normal hand-tosse pizzas.
  • The cheese and tomato sauce are the two constants that remain the same in Brooklyn pizza like any other pizza. It uses cheese in the form of a blend of mozzarella and provolone, unlike other normal pizzas that are mostly 90% mozzarella. It uses a 55% to 45% ratio with provolone being slightly higher than mozzarella, giving the pizza its unique, strong taste.
  • The toppings can vary according to the customer’s personal preferences and tastes. However, the most commonly use toppings on it include garlic, mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, sausages, onions, green peppers, basil leaves and meatballs.
  • An important distinction with this is that it is cutting in square-shape slices, unlike the standard triangular pizza slices. This is because square slices are not as easily breakable as triangular ones and Brooklyn style pizza is prone to breaking easily because of the thin and crispy crust.
  • Brooklyn pizza is cutting into six large slices unlike the normal eight triangular slices for a medium-size pizza. Similarly, the large is cutting into twelve square slices instead of sixteen triangular ones.
  • Brooklyn style pizza is not eaten the standard way with a fork and knife. Instead, fold the slice in half and eat with just your hands and mouth for a mix-up burst of flavour of all the ingredients at once.


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