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How much do school nurses make?

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How much do school nurses make

School nurses play an important role in maintaining the health of the students. They must have good communication skills. Their salaries are different (it depends on different factors discussed below in detail). In this article, we have mentioned the skills that a school nurse should have and also mentioned the cities in which they are paid most. For knowing every fact about how much do school nurses make read the given information.

What skills should a school nurse have?

There are different skills that school nurses have but there are some major skills that must be present in a good school nurse. These skills are:

  • They must have medical knowledge.
  • Their behavior should be co-operative, so that they can work effectively with different people having different nature and their co-operate ability also help them to understand the students and tackle with difficult situations.
  • They must have ability of effective communication so that they can convince others with their point of view.
  • They also have organizational skills.
  • They must know the use of modern medical equipment.
  • They must have ability to tackle with all types of situation. They are responsible for maintaining the health of students by guiding them properly.
  • They should share their knowledge with students by teaching them.
  • School nurses should be aware of new technologies and also know how to implement these technologies.

How much do school nurses make?

In every institute, salary of school nurses is different, in some institutes they are paid so much almost $30 per hour and in some schools they are paid less (minimum $12 per hour).

5 Top paid school nurses jobs are:

  1. Assistant Nurse Manager
  2. Summer Travel Nurse
  3. School Psychologists
  4. Locum Tenens HIGH School Teacher
  5. Main Middle School

Salaries of school nurses in different cities are mentioned below:

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
San Jose, CA $75,010 $6,250 $1,442 $36.06
Jackson, WY $74,456 $6,204 $1,431 $35.80
Oakland, CA $74,424 $6,202 $1,431 $35.78
New York, NY $74,270 $6,189 $1,428 $35.71
Vallejo, CA $73,166 $6,097 $1,407 $35.18
Hayward, CA $72,779 $6,064 $1,399 $34.99

Where do school nurses are paid most?

School nurses are highly paid in different cities but top most paid cities of US are following:

Manhattan, NY ($67.96 per hour), Brooklyn, NY ($51.19 per hour), New York, NY ($50.35 per hour), Boston, MA ($47.08 per hour), Albuquerque, NM ($42.09 per hour), Houston, TX ($35.78 per hour), Philadelphia, PA ($34.74 per hour), San Diego, CA ($33.83 per hour), Denver, CO ($33.35 per hour).

On what factors salary of a school nurse depends upon?

Salary of school nurses depend on different factors like skill level, experience and location. Some main factors are discussed below in detail:

  • Experience

The main factor is their experience. They must have command on teaching and presentation skills.

  • Loving nature

They must be loving and caring and have the ability to deal with all types of children.

  • Skills

They have communication skills and presenting skills. They must have ability to console children and tell them what is good for their health and what is not.

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