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The online translator- Het Vertaalbureau has been providing translation services to local and international businesses in over 140 languages since 2000. You can use our online translator to get a precise and free of cost translation of a few words or phrases into another language or a variety of languages.

Our services are for customers from all over the world. We provide an online translation facility for start-ups, universities, city services, football clubs, and international corporations. In practically every field, we can supply references. The majority of our customers are from Belgium and the Netherlands, but we can also offer references from other countries. 

Keep reading this article carefully to know more about Het Vertaalbureau online translator!

Languages Supported By Het Vertaalbureau:

The languages supported by our translation service are as following:

  1. Bulgarian 13.  Japanese
  2. Lithuanian 14.  Swedish
  3. Latvian 15.  Danish
  4. Dutch 16.  Chinese
  5. Portuguese 17.  German
  6. Polish 18.  Estonian
  7. Romanian 19.  English
  8. Slovenian 20.  Finnish
  9. Russian 21.  Hungarian
  10. Slovak 22.  Greek
  11. Czech 23.  Italian
  12. Spanish 24.  French

Translation Process:

In a matter of seconds, you can translate a text using Het Vertaalbureau. Select your source and the target language, and then paste your text into the translator. Then select ‘translate.’ After that, you may quickly copy the translation to your clipboard and you’re done. 

Why Choose Het Vertaalbureau For Text Translation?

For more than 20 years, Het Vertaalbureau ensured the best quality translations. We collaborate with the most competent translators and revisers in the field, who are experts in their field.

The customer is at the center of the translation agency’s operations.  We aim to think like our clients and support them where needed in everything we do. Our project managers are in constant communication with our customers and translators.

Our project managers are critical components of our organization, and they make a massive difference.  We do whatever we can to customize our projects as closely as possible to our customers’ needs. Communication is crucial in this situation.

On the one hand, clear communication is essential between the client and the translation agency, and on the other hand, between the translation agency and the translators. We aspire to be a trustworthy partner for both our customers and translators. If we are unable to guarantee the quality of an order, we may refuse it.  

Every customer has a project manager assigned to them permanently. Learning to translate is a process. We can swiftly educate our translators with customer-specific terminology and tone of speech due to personal and close communication with our project managers. The project managers of Het Vertaalbureau pay attention to our clients and think like them. High-quality translations are built on clear communication and briefing.

Winding Up!

Het Vertaalbureau is providing professional translation services for more than 2 decades. Our translators and personnel ensure that the translations we give are of the greatest quality. We look forward to assisting you with our translation services if you agree with our vision and working technique.

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