Five ways to start a business with Zero or less than $100

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It doesn’t sound real that you can start a business in just few dollars or even with zero investment but it is true fact and many people are experiencing and enjoying it in their lives. You can also be one of them if you read our article carefully and apply these points. So let’s make you a business man with less than $100 investment or with no invest!

  • Start your YouTube channel

You can start your business with YouTube and you need no investment in it. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel and start uploading your content. It can be anything of your choice you can do vlogging, gaming, vines, shorts, educational content, podcasting, etc.

You can earn through YouTube as well as sponsorships as well as ads. So there are a lot of chances to earn 6 digit earnings but you have to grow your channel and monetize it for reaching the stage where you officially start earning  through it because hard work and dedication is required everywhere.

  • Tutor

You can be an online as well as offline tutor. You can teach students part time along with your on going studies or job. Once you started well you can turn it into a business where you can create your tuition center and hire tutors or you can create an online institute where you provide your services online from your tutoring business. This also doesn’t require any investment if you start by yourself

  • Sell homemade food

You can also start your homemade food business. You already have a kitchen so you only have to spend your money on food supplies, groceries, etc. Homemade is more trusted and considered more safe and healthier as compared to the commercial food because many people prefer homemade food and food is a market which can be never ignored. It is always need of people three times a day so this market can pay you back with very big profit.

  • Home designer

Time to time people move to new house. And not everybody is good at home designing so they hire some professional who do it for themselves so if you have any skills related to designing you can do home designing all of the expenses for the furniture, flooring, walls, labour dues, etc. will be from the clients and you will also charge for your services so this is also a good option to go with.

  • Tour guide

You can also be a tour guide for place you know well. You should know all about that place, it’s famous areas, famous restaurants, famous monuments, famous food streets, best places to visit, etc. You just have to be with your clients, guide them, show them all of the places and earn as well as enjoy with them and later you can also build your own tourism company.


There is always a chance to start a business but there are different ways and the decision is yours how you like to start a business for yourself. In this article we have proven that businesses can be started with a very low investment as well as with zero investment so there are no excuses left for you to not starting a business

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