Essential SEO Factors you need to know

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Essential SEO Factors you need to know

There are constant changes in the SEO requirements and it is tough to keep up with them all the time. However, if you are looking to get your Google ranking from nowhere to the top of the list there are certain SEO factors you need to be aware of. Better optimized websites get more traffic over time. It also means more sales and leads. Remember, without SEO the searchers on the internet will not be able to find your site and all your technical work will end up giving you no results. SEO is basically about trying to reach the number one position in the SERPs. Let’s look at the ranking factors and how you can go about mastering SEO for Google.

Not surprisingly the first ranking factor for SEO is about having the right URL. This is the URL the Google bots will reach and crawl. Google must be able to visit this URL and take a look at the page content. For helping the bots you will need a site developed by using a well-coded site builder. The robots.txt file lets Google know where to look for website information. And lastly, you will need a sitemap listing all the pages of your site. Although having HTTPS is not a deciding factor for indexing a page it is a lightweight ranking factor. If you wish to find out more about seo agencies in Melbourne be sure to check out EngineRoom.

  • Speed of the pages

The speed of the pages has been one of the main SEO ranking factors for several years. Google is trying to improve the user experience on the internet and fast-loading web pages help it. Google announced the news of implementing a search engine algorithm that is focused on your page speed on mobile phones. It began to take effect on various websites in 2018. If your website does not load quickly on cell phones it may get penalized. A good idea for doing this is using the Google Search Console. It will update you on the website’s performance and speed.

  • Technical SEO

Getting the coding for the website right is one of the key elements of content optimization for a higher search engine ranking. It can be tough if you are more of a wordsmith rather than a tech wizard. However, there are a few aspects you can control when you are not a coder other than partnering with an SEO agency. Place the keyword phrases in the title. It is the first place Google will look for while looking for relevant content. Use header tags indicating the hierarchy. Develop a Meta description for adding the keyword and for enticing the readers. Use the keywords in the image alt tags to indicate the relevance of images to the main content. Utilize schema markup for letting Google know the kind of content you are creating. Read more about Are Acer desktops good for gaming?

  • Optimized content

There is constant talk about content being one of the important SEO ranking factors. It is probably the most important one. The Google search algorithm depends on keywords. Keywords are the phrases and words the searchers will use while looking for information. They also describe what the website is all about. All this needs to match up. Fresh and original content is necessary for Google and SEO. Duplicate content is one of the negative ranking factors. However, keyword stuffing in the articles is not allowed.

It results in low-quality internet pages and ends up hurting the SEO ranking. The keyword added to the content must be natural and organic. Furthermore, the keywords you pick have to represent the products, services, and location you are trying to rank for. As a section here, local keywords are also an essential part of the SEO experience, you have to make sure that the content that you are offering contains local keywords and phrases that’s why putting local SEO services into practice is useful. For instance, if you’d like to rank for local services that you offer such as an international driving permit, you have to optimize your content following an SEO for driving licensing, which leverages the right keywords to rank you for the services that you offer.

  • Mobile-friendly website

Being mobile-friendly is another important SEO ranking factor. There are more people out there who use mobile phones rather than desktops for accessing the internet. It is one of the factors affecting how Google ranks the SERPs. If your website is not optimized for mobile phones the chances are that you are getting under-ranked needlessly. User experience is one of the factors Google will consider for ranking the site. You need a responsive website that will resize automatically for fitting the device. You need to use large fonts for better readability on the smaller screens. Have accessible menus ensuring that the website is simple to navigate and you also need to make sure that the important content is not hidden behind advertisements. You can explore Google AMP for this purpose.

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