Biography and history of Elon Musk twitter

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Elon Musk twitter

Elon musk is a famous businessman. He was born in South Africa on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria. In 1989, he got citizenship in Canada then in 1992 he left Canada and went to the University of Pennsylvania to study physics and business. He introduced in 1999 which is used for online financial exchange. Later in the year 2002, he founded Space X ( which launches a rocket that firstly takes a commercial vehicle to the international space station) and Tesla motors in the year 2003. He sold his company Zip 2 in the 20th century and became a millionaire. His company X. com was later named Paypal and helped in the online transferring of money. From the beginning, he had a great interest in computers and at the age of 12 years, he sold his first programme (a game whose name was blaster). He is the CEO of Space X and Tesla motors.

How does Elon musk twitter pay his taxes:

Elon musk has his money in the form of stocks only and when he has to pay taxes he sells his stocks on Twitter and got money to pay his taxes. He is not paid in dollars. He only has stocks. Someone said that “Elon musk has earned a profit of almost $8.7 billion since Friday’s closing and almost $53 billion per year”. He is too much rich and has collected soo much wealth.


Companies of Elon musk Twitter:

The name of companies of Elon musk are discussed below:

  • SpaceX (including Star link)
  • Tesla:

Tesla motor companies have made electric vehicles that help in lessening the dependence of humans on oil and these cars are very comfortable, fast, and environmentally friendly. All vehicles of tesla are electric, they don’t use gasoline.

  • The Boring Company:

This company is playing an important role in the construction of tunnels in Las Vegas. This company was founded by Mr.Elon musk. But that does not mean that he is boring in real life. He is too much frank a person. Read more about Mike Pence Twitter

  • OpenAI

Elon Musk on Twitter:

As we all know that Elon musk is a very famous businessman and have a lot of experience. He guides his followers on Twitter and he has almost 64 million followers. Elon Musk is too much frank with Twitter. He shares all news related to his business and updated related to his companies. He also shares images and information of the rockets they launch. He also share memes that made him popular among his fans.

Weirdest tweets of 2019:

Elon Musk on Twitter, some of his weirdest tweets of 2019 are described below:

  • Tweet about baby yada:

Elon musk also shares many tweets about baby yada, he has a great love for him. You can see his tweets on Twitter.

  • Rhymes with orange:

Everyone said that there is no rhyme of orange, but Elon Musk tweeted that the word “orange colour” is derived after the name of fruit “orange”. He suggested a rhyme “door hinge” for orange in this tweet.

  • Cheer:

Elon Musk said in his one tweet that “alcohol is the right solution”. After this tweet, his fans and followers also tweet it and liked tweet.

  • Tweet about Vat:

In his tweet, he said that we have our brain in a vat. He said that the skull is called a vat. And he said that every thought that comes into our mind is real and an electrical signal.

  • Elon musk not only tweets about his business and success, but he also tweets jokes. He is funny too.
  • He also tweeted on covid 19 vaccination, he tweeted that “I do support vaccine”.

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