Are There Luggage Storage Options in Charleston? Everything You Need to Know?

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Luggage Storage

With all there is to do in Charleston, it might be the next city on your list to visit. There are places like the Charleston Harbor, Dock Street Theater, Angel Oak, and more. You might find yourself spending at least a day there. If you are bringing luggage with you, it is good to think about luggage storage in Charleston. Check-in for most hotels and AirBnBs is in the afternoon. That means you have nowhere to put your luggage for a whole half of the day. Most people plan to arrive in the city later or hang out in the lobby until their room is ready. Both options leave you cutting your trip short and missing out on prime time in Charleston. With luggage storage in Charleston, you can turn your half-day into a full day by not waiting to start your trip once you get into the hotel.

Where Can I Store My Luggage in Charleston?

The good news about luggage storage in Charleston is that there are several locations where you can store your bags. No matter where you are in the city, you can easily find a location that is convenient for you. The heart of Charleston holds a storage spot for your luggage. If you are on James Island, there is a storage location there. There are even more storage options for your luggage surrounding the city. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens has luggage storage nearby so you can drop off your bags as you sightsee. Some locations for luggage storage in Charleston are:

  • Charleston Storage Spot
  • Market St. Storage spot
  • North Charleston Storage Spot

Companies like Bounce partner with local businesses to offer people places to safely store their luggage when they are visiting the city. Not only can you pick a storage option based on location, but you can also pick it based on the hours it’s open. Because these spots are businesses like UPS stores and convenience stores, the hours vary. That way, if you can’t get your luggage until later in the evening, you can pick a location that is open until 10 p.m. as opposed to other locations that may only be open until 6 p.m. Read more about 4 Essentials Delivery Drivers Need.

How Can I Use Luggage Storage in Charleston?

Although the best part about storing your luggage is the ability to walk around without your bags, there is another great part about luggage storage in Charleston. It’s super easy to find a place and reserve it for your bags. There are just four simple steps to getting the perfect luggage storage spot for you:

  • Find a location online or using the mobile app
  • Reserve the location that is best for you
  • Drop off your bags and get a security seal
  • Enjoy the city baggage-free!

Being able to reserve your luggage storage spot before even arriving in the city makes traveling plans much easier. Once you arrive you just drop it off and pick it up when it’s convenient for you. It only costs $5.90 per bag for a 24-hour period, and there is no size limit on your luggage. Dropping it off at a local store gives it more protection than being dropped off in a locker location that is secluded and has minimum surveillance. You can just place the security seal on your bag for protection and have peace knowing your bags are monitored by a well-trained staff. You are even offered $10,000 in insurance to cover all your items if something were to happen. Knowing that your bags are secure for such a small fee makes it so easy to stow away your baggage and continue journeying to the city.

Why Use Luggage Storage in Charleston?

You can do your shopping in the morning at Charleston City Market to beat the crowd. If you don’t want to carry your bags around all day, you can quickly drop them off at a storage location and enjoy walking around the rest of the day without the burden of your shopping bags. It’s a pain taking your luggage into restaurants and plopping your bags down right next to your table. Or as you take a nice stroll through the park you are also wheeling your luggage along with you. No one wants to do that. Luggage storage in Charleston gives you the freedom to move about the city with ease.


See Charleston Without Your Luggage

Being able to make the most of your day by leaving your luggage behind is ideal for a trip to Charleston. You can go to parks, and restaurants, and go on boat tours all while your bags are safely stowed away in the luggage storage. You no longer have to wonder what to do with all of your bags or plan your trip around when you check-in and out of your hotel. You can store your bags right away once you get to the city. Or you can store your bags after you check out and see more of the city before you leave. Luggage storage in Charleston makes it easy to get around town, baggage free.

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