A Cricketer’s Guide To Dressing!

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What you wear on and off the field impacts your cricket game. Whether playing in eleven or not, Cricket Clothing affects your and your team’s performance. The current cricket players should notice such an impact. It can be challenging to dress well for cricket – even though it might be one of your favorite sports. So, here is a quick guide to dressing for cricket matches.

For Bowler or Fielder:


1.  White LightWeight T-shirt:

For the bowler or fielder, a lightweight T-shirt is a must. It provides good insulation against the sun and a comfortable and warm environment to play in. Excessive sweating caused by extreme heat during the game won’t affect your fielding performance, as you’ll be wearing only this white t-shirt while playing.


2.   White Trousers:

For the bowler or fielder, t-shirt trousers are best suited for the match. It protects from the sun and also prevents excessive sweating. Moreover, it allows you to play comfortably and take the toss easily. You can wear either short or long trousers for the match.


3.   White Hat:

A white hat should also be present at the match. It protects from the sun and also looks good on your head. It should be manageable as it will affect your bowling or fielding performance.


4.   Athletic Sunglasses:

It is a must-have item for everyone during the match. It protects your eye from the effect of direct sunlight and prevents the reflection of light that may distract you during your performance.

5.    Cricket Vest:

Cricket vests or thermal vests are best suited for the match. Professional players traditionally wear these vests since the beginning of this sport. These vests give excellent insulation for the players during their play. Moreover, it also helps to keep your body warm.


For Batsman:


1.  Wear Fitted Leg Pads:

It is a definite must-have for the batsman during the match. It provides good protection during the play, helps avoid injuries, and improves your game, at least in the initial stages.


2.  Batting Gloves:

Batting gloves are a must for the batsman as well. They provide an excellent grip for the bat and prevent it from sliding off your hands during play. Moreover, they are best suited for batting in extreme heat.


3.  Cricket Shoes:


Cricket shoes are a must-have item for every player who plays cricket regularly. These shoes provide good traction and offer more protection for your feet from getting injured during the game.


4.  Protective Gear If Required:

Some players also wear wrist guards and elbow protection during the match. It is due to the nature of their game. But, if you think it is not applicable in your case, you don’t need to wear it. It is up to your judgement.


5.  Other Cricket Accessories:

It includes a cricket helmet, mouthguard, and other accessories that are useful for the players at their convenience. However, they are optional items, but they provide good comfort on the match grounds.


That’s all about dressing for cricket matches. It is easy to dress well if you follow these simple steps. Buy cricket bats online to improve your game and look. Be the star of the match with excellent cricket dressing!

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