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5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Value of Your Home

The process of selling your house often becomes tiring and challenging. Finding the right buyer who pays equal to the worth of your property is never easy. Therefore, you need to look for ways to increase your house’s value by making some obvious changes that can attract the buyer and clinch the deal.

If you have been thinking about reselling your house in the near future, here is what you can do to increase its value.

  1. Install heating system

Installing underfloor heating systems can increase the value of your house. An underfloor heating system gives the impression that you have chosen a premium, expensive heating system which offers pleasant warmth when you tread on the floor.

Though costly, this heating system is worth the extra expense. Underfloor heating keeps your space warm and reduces the heating bill due to its high efficiency. It has also been found that an underfloor heating system is far more efficient than unsightly radiators. Also, if you turn off the heating system for some reason, the space retains the heat for far longer than radiators.

An underfloor reheating system is great for areas where yearly weather remains cooler; Bentonville is one of those areas. It’s partly cloudy all year, while winters are extremely cold.

Suppose you want to install an underfloor heating system; clear that area of all the stuff temporarily. A storage unit can be a possible choice for keeping your stuff momentarily. It is easy to access and affordable, and units are available in many sizes and dimensions.

A cheap Bentonville ar storage unit gives you the advantage that these units are climate controlled. This means they will protect your belongings from the effect of the weather.

  1. Renovate your kitchen

Making changes in the kitchen is often the most profitable project if you want to increase the resale value of your property. The average ROI for a major kitchen remodel, and upscale is approximately 59%. And the ROI for a minor remodel is 81%.

The kitchen is the place in the entire house where prospective buyers zero in their focus because it is the most used area in the house. Unsurprisingly, buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a good kitchen. Consulting a designer will help you collect countless ideas for making an impressive change.

You can modify the look of your kitchen by painting the kitchen cabinets, changing the worktops, and adding new and attractive handles to the cabinets. If you have ample budget, changing the tile flooring can be done too. Besides this, adding lovely lighting and fixtures is often a good idea.

  1. Upgrade the bathrooms

The bathroom is another place in the house that is equally, if not more important than, the kitchen. If you make changes, the bathroom can increase your house’s value. According to Badeloft USA, a bathroom can increase the value of your home from 10 to 40% ($20,000-50,000), contingent on the quality of upgrades.

Have a tour of all the bathrooms in the house. You can consider the following projects:

  • Add a new shower area if there is space
  • Change the vanity if it is leaky and worn out
  • Change the commode
  • Add new lights and fixtures
  • Install a few cabinets for keeping toiletries
  • Repaint the entire washroom

You can also add a new guest loo or wet room in the house. If possible, do that in the understairs space. Also, keep all the changes simple—less pompous and more practical. If you prefer modern designs and compromise practicality, chances are your buyer will be able to see through the tactic, making selling the house more challenging.

  1. Change the paint of the house

You can give your home a complete makeover by repainting it. It is a cost-effective idea but can instantly brighten up the entire space. Your house starts looking cleaner, updated, and much wider—a few of the many factors buyers consider when buying a home.

When selecting the pallet, bear in mind that you must choose colors that most people like. Going with neutrals is the safest option—they charm the most people, making your house more attractive.

You can hire workers to paint the house or do it yourself if you know the way. Generally, hiring professional help is much better than DIYing. Doing the former gives you better results and saves time too.

  1. Improve the air quality of your house

It is not only the outside air quality you must be worried about. In current years, an increasing body of research has pointed out that indoor air may be more polluted than the outside—it is even true for large industrial cities too. It is because 90% of most people’s time is spent indoors. Therefore, they have a greater health risk of exposure to pollutants from indoor air.

Consequently, it is important to ensure the indoor air quality of your house is fit for living without any health hazards.

Carpets hold allergens and dust that can cause allergies, irritation, and other health risks. To improve air quality, you can start by consulting an expert. They have sophisticated technology to check the pollution level of the indoor air of your house. These experts might suggest changing the carpet and replacing it with natural eco-friendly products like tiles. Tiles and other hard floors are much easier to maintain; they also look more attractive.


Some upgrades and changes in your house can be very profitable and increase its value a few notches. Once you have decided about making changes in the house, the next step is to determine which changes to make. You have to focus on modifications that are worth the effort and expense.

Some of the changes that can really increase your house’s value are mentioned above. You might find a few of them costlier than others, but their impact in terms of increasing the value of your house outweighs the expenses. Depending on your suitability and budget, you can make these changes in your house.

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