Your First Event? Don’t Forget These Details

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We were all amateurs at some point in our careers because no one was born a pro. The first day at work or in the office will always seem awkward; you will feel shy and even forget basic things you are vast with. 

The first day at work for a typist could be laden with errors not because he is a bad typist but because of the anxiety of the first day at work.

This anxiety takes its toll on everyone, even event planners. Although, the job of an event planner cannot be compared with an office job, where errors can be corrected within a few hours. For a first-time event, it is important to give it your all and avoid mistakes or forgetfulness.

Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Provide Easy Access To Tickets

The first time might seem hard, but you will pull through when you take things easy on yourself. It is okay to push yourself to do more but not to cause anxiety where you will forget even the petty things. 

Event planning is not like the regular jobs, so you can’t afford to make minor mistakes; it might ruin your chance of getting better gigs.

Prior to digitalization, booking and tickets were done manually, where attendees had to queue to get tickets amidst their tight schedules. Now, ticket collection has been digitized, so don’t forget to partner with reliable websites to sell your event tickets. A website that is void of cyber hacks and virus threats to attendees’ computers.

Rent Hall With Landmarks

Hosting an event isn’t an easy task; the preparation to make it a success begins months before the due date. Paying attention to every detail is necessary when planning an event to make your attendees have a great time. Part of this is renting an event space that is conducive, an event with top-notch security to protect attendees and their property.

Another important detail not to forget is renting an event hall that has several landmarks attendees can use to navigate their way to the venue. Try renting halls near 5-star hotels, airports, colleges, or any religious centres. 

If you are going to hold your event in your own rented property then contact your lessor and check with the property management company about ways how to get around it. 

Train Volunteers

You can’t do it all by yourself; you will need help at some point; you will need help with catering services, you will need help with video coverage, so you might want to settle for volunteers to avoid a huge bill for professional services.

Instead of professionals, you can settle for teachable volunteers to help. Before then, make sure to train and equip them properly. 

Get The Necessary Equipment

Equipment plays a crucial role in the success of any event; you need microphones and speakers to increase the intensity of sound across the event hall. You will have video recorders and a strong internet connection to stream the event online; not all attendees will be there physically.

Interpreting booths, projectors, and laptops are also parts of equipment you shouldn’t forget to make available at your event. Equipment like interpreting booths will make your attendees of different backgrounds understand what is being discussed at the event and understand each other since events are a great venue to meet and connect.

Ask For Feedback

One of the greatest ways of assessing yourself after a task is to ask for genuine feedback; this will make you know where your shortcomings lie and how to improve on them. Also, feedback will encourage you to do better when you are praised for the things that you did well to make the event a success.

Feedbacks are great for your business; it can make or mar you. So do your best, and your attendees will do justice to the rest.


There is always a first time for everything, the first word we say as a baby, the first time we take our first step, the first day we begin school. All these are great memories because when you remember, you smile about them. You can also have a great memory of your first event only if you do the needful.

Petty details like digitizing ticketing, making equipment available, training your volunteers, and renting halls with landmarks are all that will contribute to making your first event a memorable one.

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