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Window air conditioner for sliding window

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Window air conditioner for sliding window

What size of window is required for setting window air conditioner?

The size of the window air conditioner for sliding window depends upon the length and width of that window. For instance, you require a window that is at least 15.5 inches high, if you want to install a 1 ton window air conditioner. But in most conditions for installing any air conditioner, your window must be 36 inches wide. The strength of the fixing of air conditioner depends upon the quality of the border of the window, as if the wall is in a good condition, your air conditioner will be set in its place properly.

How to set a window air conditioner in a sliding window?

Every thing wants a proper method to set it down, and proper instructions by an expert are also very important. For the completion of this purpose, you have to follow the important instructions mentioned below:

  • Prepare some lumber steps for making frame by measuring the size of the air conditioner and also the size of the window, in which you want to install air conditioner.
  • When the frame is ready to give space for a conditioner to set in, then install the frame in its place.
  • You must have some important equipment, which are important for preparing frame or also for its installation, like 12 deck screws of different sizes, drill machine of good quality, a saw, powerful screwdriver, plywood scrap, and so many other things.
  • When your frame is ready, set the window air conditioner in it and see, if it sits comfortably, then your frame is fine, otherwise re-make it.
  • After completing these steps, you are able to install window air condition for sliding window. Read more about How To Get New Blinds For your Home.

Top 10 window air conditioner for sliding window:

Every air conditioner is responsible for a specific quality and provides its users with various facilities. Here we are going to discuss the most suitable and popular air conditioners for sliding windows, which are popular because of their specific functions and beauty. Some of the most popular names are as given as under:

  • Honeywell MN10CESWW sliding window air conditioner
  • Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 slider window air conditioner
  • Perfect Aire sliding window air conditioner
  • Frigidaire FFRS0822SE slide window air conditioner
  • Kold front CAC8000W sliding window air conditioner
  • Midea KAW10C1AWT sliding window air conditioner
  • Keystone sliding window air conditioner KSTSW10A
  • Arctic King slider window air conditioner
  • Haier QPCA10YZMW sliding window air conditioner
  • LG LP0817WSR air conditioner

Does it matter if the window is horizontal or vertical?

Yes, it definitely matters a lot that your window is horizontal or vertical. Vertical windows may be more challenging to reach if opened higher than horizontal windows, whether open or closed. Of course, each style of window has a somewhat different appearance and will impact greatly in setting any window air conditioner for sliding window. The properties of these air conditioners may also vary because of the different nature of window, in which it has to be installed.

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