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Why Louvered Pergola Roofs Are an Emerging Trend

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Pergola Roofs

Pergolas are gaining popularity for their benefits to people’s outdoor spaces. They provide shade, comfort, and privacy to name a few of their advantages. They’re also versatile and customizable, so they give people endless ways to change their outdoor living spaces and enjoy their time outdoors. You could say they’ve completely revolutionized the art of outdoor living.

With so many sizes, styles, and shapes of pergolas on the market, homeowners can use them to ramp up their homes virtually any way they want. They can use them to create expansive outdoor kitchens and dining areas or cozy, romantic spots for a little quiet time. Those are only a few of the possibilities. High-quality aluminum pergolas can give you years of use with minimal maintenance needs and expenses. Today’s louvered pergolas roofs can take all those benefits to entirely new levels. They’re one of the latest emerging trends in outdoor living spaces and with good reason.


One of the main reasons louvered pergola roofs are becoming so popular is their adjustability. You can open and close them whenever, and as much as, you want. If the sun is directly overhead and its blistering heat is too much to bear, you can close the louvers a bit for extra shade. On the other hand, if you want to let in more light, you can open them. If you want to sit outside in your pergola and enjoy a summer shower, you can close the louvers to keep yourself dry as you relax to the sound of the rain tapping on the roof.

Adjustable louvers make it possible no matter what time of the day, night, or year you want to take advantage of your pergola. That makes your pergola more comfortable and helps you get more use out of it. This, alone, is reason enough to have a louvered roof installed.

Smart Controls

Technological innovations are touching almost every aspect of our lives these days. At this point, we can control appliances and televisions with our phones. We can start our cars while we’re still inside our homes and lock our houses, turn off the lights, and adjust the heating or air conditioning while we’re on the road. Blinds and shades can be opened or closed with the tap of a button. Smart technology makes it all possible.

Louvered pergola roofs haven’t been left out of the mix. They’re available with remotes or equipped with smart capabilities. That means you can open or close the louvers without getting up from your comfy seat in your pergola. You can even adjust them while you’re inside the house or on your way home from work. That makes them incredibly convenient.

Aesthetic Appeal

Besides those factors, louvered pergola roofs look amazing. You can achieve any type of look you want with them whether it’s rustic and charming or sleek and modern. Several styles and colors are available, so you can choose one that blends in with your home and other structures on your property. Pergolas already add to the look of your property and its market value. Having a louvered roof only sweetens the pot.

Taking Your Outdoor Space Up a Notch


Pergolas offer several advantages in their own right, especially if they’re made of high-quality materials with unrivaled craftsmanship. Adding certain features to them, like lighting, built-in seating, and privacy screens, makes them even more comfortable and appealing. A louvered roof can do even more to help take your pergola and your entire outdoor space up a notch. 

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