Why does my pee smell like coffee?

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Why does my pee smell like coffee

If you have a question why does my pee smell like coffee? Then don’t worry you will get your answer here I’ll try to write all info that why pee smells like coffee what are its causes and how can you avoid it. So stay with me and get your answers. First of all, you don’t have to worry that your pee smells like coffee. It is happening just because you are drinking more coffee as compared to water. Urine is a way of removing waste liquids from your body. Your urine will smell like that thing which you intake the most for example if you are drinking coffee more often and drinking less amount of water then your urine will automatically smell like coffee. The reason is you have more amount of coffee in your body and it’s like waste so the wastage only left the human body through urine. 

If you drink any liquid in a heavy amount then it will secrete your body through pee. Drinking too much coffee is not a good thing. It can cause dehydration.  

Is it harmful if my pee smells like coffee?

No, it’s not harmful. Don’t worry you are perfectly fine nothing is wrong with your body. It is just an indication sign that you are drinking too much amount of coffee. But if you intake a heavy amount of Coffee or Caffeine then it can cause some trouble with your body. The troubles that you can face if you are drinking too much caffeine or coffee are as follow; 

  • Restlessness
  • Agitation 
  • Anxiety 
  • Headaches 
  • Insomnia 
  • Nausea 
  • Rapid heart rate 
  • High blood pressure 

Do you want your pee to smell like coffee?

Every human is different from another human. Some people just intake coffee as their daily routine they just intake 1 cup in the morning or 1 cup in the afternoon, we can call it just a habit of drinking coffee in very normal amounts that will cause nothing with your body as well as with your pee. But some people drink coffee like they are drinking water. Like they drink coffee in a very heavy amount we call this adduction of drinking coffee. This will cause your urine to smell like coffee. When your kidneys will process releasing waste liquid from your body then your body will release coffee as waste. And your kidneys will filter it and when you go to the toilet to pee then you will urine your coffee because your body has more amount of coffee as compared to water. Read more about Beetroot benefits for men: Make your erection better in 2023.

How can you stop your pee from smelling coffee?

The suitable advice is, just to try to drink less coffee. But due to addiction, it seems really very hard. Your body is addicted to caffeine and it will always be present in your pee if you consume it in heavy amounts as compared to other liquids. If you can’t leave coffee then try to switch from coffee or caffeine to black or green tea. Drink more & more water it will help you to keep hydrated. This will change your pee’s smell. But one thing that you have to not worry about is that it is not harmful at all, and don’t question yourself why does my pee smell like coffee? Urine smells like coffee and has no harm to your bladder and urinary system. You are healthy and it is not a disease.  


As we know now that coffee smelling urine is nothing to worry about, but you should stop yourself from consuming a high rate of coffee or caffeine. It leaves slight troubles to your health and human health is first priority. 

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