What to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard?

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Most keyboards don’t appear to be an important part of a gaming PC setup. They have the appearance of, well, keyboards. But do not be fooled by the basic QWERTY keys. A gaming keyboard is a crucial tool in a gamer’s armoury, and one designed specifically for gaming goes well beyond hunting. Furthermore, there are a lot of different websites including but not limited to What in PC, from where you can get the finest gaming keyboards. Nevertheless, here are some of the best things that you need to look for in a gaming keyboard.

Illumination from the back

You might be startled to hear that customizable keyboard backlights are more than just a wow factor if you’ve ever seen a gaming keyboard lighted up with every hue of the rainbow and thought, “wow, that’s excessive.” A gaming keyboard can be divided into the most often utilised zones and then lit with different colours to offer a fast visual reference during game play. You’ll play quicker if you don’t have to worry about where your fingers need to go. Without pushing your eyes to adjust to a strong light source, a red backlight will provide the illumination you need to view the keys in detail. Furthermore, there’s no doubting that backlit keyboards and mouse are quite attractive.

Anti-Ghosting and Key Rollover

When typing on a keyboard, it’s uncommon for multiple keys to be pushed at the same time. It doesn’t matter which of those key pushes register with the PC when it happens because it’s generally a mistake. When you’re gaming, though, it’s a different story: simultaneous key pushes are common, and each key matters. A high n-key rollover is required if you use your keyboard for music creation and playback software, or games in which two players utilise the keyboard at the same time.

Key ghosting is a weird phenomenon that can occur on non-gaming keyboards. When you press multiple keys at the same time, the keyboard detects a press on a neighbouring key that you didn’t hit at all. When drafting an email, it’s not a major problem, but when gaming, it may be devastating! Anti-ghosting features on a decent gaming keyboard will use an unique wiring arrangement to eliminate the confused signals associated with ghosting.

Macro Buttons and Customization

Some gaming keyboards have a set of specialised buttons – generally a column on the left side – that may be configured to perform in-game macros. When you set a macro to a keyboard macro button, all you need is a single keystroke – a tremendous time saver, especially if you need to react quickly. Surprisingly, some gaming laptops have this capability. Mechanical gaming keyboards may be further customised by swapping out the mechanical switches under each key. Replacing the switch is as simple as removing the key cap. On mechanical gaming keyboards, key caps may be replaced out as well, for a new texture or a personalised print on the top.

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