What to Know Before Going to Your First Baseball Game

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Baseball Game

Sometimes throwing on a baseball jacket and cap is not enough to elevate your style when attending a baseball game. Since baseball is one of the most exciting outdoor sports you can watch, the sport has collected fans from different parts of the world. It has gathered fans for more than a century and is still one of the most popularly played sports in the world today. 

Baseball has truly proven itself to be a family tradition which is why there is no shame in showing the true baseball fan in you through fashion. In this article, we’re going to talk about the essential things you must prepare before attending any baseball game. So pack your baseball jacket and put on your baseball cap and let’s take a look at what you need to know before you head to your nearest baseball stadium.


  1. Pack Comfort Essentials- Going to a baseball game on a sunny day might be fun but can also prove to be uncomfortable. This is why packing some sunscreen and bringing some water is important when it comes to keeping yourself comfortable in the stadium. 


  1. Wear Protective Accessories- Your baseball cap is not only good for proving that you’re a true baseball fan. It can also protect you from prolonged sun exposure and harmful UV rays. Wearing a pair of sunglasses is also ideal especially when the sun gets too bright. Make sure to not wear too much makeup as this can irritate your skin especially when you’re sweating from the heat.


  1. Don’t Pack Heavy- Bringing a big bag to the stadium can be difficult to carry around especially with all the cheering and jumping that will happen during the game. Carrying a bag that is enough to hold the essentials is the best option. If you’re planning to bring a baseball jacket, the best option is to wrap it around your waist so you won’t have to shove it into a bigger bag. 


  1. Proper Footwear- Wearing comfortable sneakers is necessary especially with all walking and interacting you will have to do during the game. Wearing heels or any type of open footwear will only make you prone to injuries especially when squeezing through a thick crowd.


Bonus: Fashion Combinations

Now that you know what to prepare for before the game, let’s talk about 2 different fashion combinations that can help you stand out from the crowd. Always remember that you can always accessorize your outfit with merchandise that you can typically find in the stadium’s souvenir shop. 

Combination 1: Baseball Jersey, Halter Top, Skinny Jeans, and Converse Sneakers

This combination can bring out your sexy side especially if you leave your baseball jersey unbuttoned. It can also accentuate your figure without revealing too much yet still showing your playful side. 

Combination 2: White Top, Skinny Jeans, and Stylish Sneakers

This combination can showcase a more minimal yet fashionable aesthetic. Make sure that you wear a nice-fitting top so that you can accentuate your figure. Just throw in a nice black leather bag and a baseball jacket that showcases your team’s logo to show the real fan in you.

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