What is Dinar detectives? Overview, news and rumors

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Dinar detectives

Dinar is an Arabic currency and as the name suggests, dinar detectives is the agency that publishes news about different events taking place in middle east. They post the latest news, latest trend, articles, updates from the whole region. It helps people interested in the middle east or the people who belong to middle east stay updated about everything that is happening in the region. They have different writers that they call dinar gurus that help them write the news and different articles.

Along with just news, dinar detectives also provide a bookstore where they publish books on different topics. Some of their famous books include “asset protection” and “safe haven”. Both of these books revolve around how you can save your assets and protect them against being stolen or losing their value.

Asset protection:

Asset protection is one of the famous books of dinar detectives. It guides people on how to protect their assets against law suites and keep their assets as their own. There are over 50,000 law suits filed every single day and if one wants to protect all it owns, they have to get some kind of an asset protection.

The book provides several strategies on how it can be done along with providing other kinds of benefits that can help you protect your ownings and your earnings.

Safe haven:

While it is believed that our economy is now recovering, there are worse storms awaiting at our doorstep. Some people believe that the storm of 2008 was bad enough to destroy all the economy while it was just the tip of an iceberg. A great storm is still headed towards the economy of US and safe haven book by dinar detectives helps you protect yourself. It prepares you for what is coming your way so you can make arrangements beforehand.

Dinar recaps:

Dinar recaps are often posted by dinar detectives. Dinar recaps revolve around posting information through new, articles, etc about dinar investment community. Dinar recaps post several posts in a day informing all their readers about new trends and telling them when it is going to be safe for them to start investing.

These dinar recaps come from several dinar gurus who are always trying to dig deeper to find out when is it smart to invest and when is it best to withdraw any investments they have made. These dinar gurus are often termed as dinar detectives as well.


If you feel like this is something that you might be interested in, you can subscribe for their newsletter. It is helpful to people who like to know about different trends and like to stay up to date about the news but don’t like visiting different websites to get the information. A newsletter helps them receive all the news in their email once they have subscribed and keeps them up to date.

Most of the information is always published on the dinar detectives but if you would like to get to know them better and dig deeper, subscribe to their newsletter.

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