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What is a Queen Mattress?

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Queen Mattress

Purchasing a new queen bed mattress is a crucial life decision and it’s worthwhile to shoulder some deliberation before making the final decision. It’s important not only with respect to the money that you invest but also in terms of the time that you spend looking around and narrowing down from the wide range of options of queen bed mattresses available online. A decent quality queen bed mattress lasts for about seven times and an incorrect size will leave you frustrated. Before browsing online to the store for a mattress, it’s ideal to find out the size of mattress that would fit your requirements.

Dimensions of a Queen Bed Mattress

The queen mattress dimensions are 60 inches (5 feet) in width by 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches) in length. The king mattress dimensions are 76 inches (6 feet, 4 inches) in width by 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches) in length. The length of the two sizes is identical at 80 inches. Queen beds offer a comfortable space for two people and are also ideal for a single grown-up who prefers further space when sleeping.

Before copping a Queen bed mattress, it’s ideal to consider factors like the size of your bedroom and the price. However, a queen bed mattress is a good choice, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly bed mattress that offers comfortable sleeping space for two grown-ups. Also, queen mattresses in a box are just as durable as traditional mattresses. They’re made of the same materials, like memory foam, gel foam, and latex. Even innerspring mattresses can be rolled up and shipped in a box. They’re a good choice for anyone who wants to save on a mattress and get convenient delivery.

How to Choose a Queen Bed Mattress?

You must select a queen bed mattress based on the factors mentioned below:

Space available in your bedroom:

There must be at least two feet of free space on three sides surrounding the bed in the room. However, you must factor in the other pieces of furniture in the room. If you are planning to place more items in your room, then you will require over two feet of free space.

The number of people sleeping on the mattress.

Preferred sleeping position:

Bear in mind your desired leg positions and the type of sleeper you are, whether you are a still sleeper or someone who tosses and turns.

A personal inclination for space:

How much room do you require while resting, and how much room do you need to move your arms and legs while sleeping?

Body build:

To select a mattress that is comfortable and supports you well, it is advisable to take into account your height and weight.

Mattresses of the same size could have marginally distinct dimensions, as a result of the amount of padding, manufacturing tolerances, and support type.

A Great First Choice for Couples

A queen bed mattress is a perfect option for couples looking to buy their first mattress. They offer important comfort and enough room to accommodate two persons, while fitting duly in small bedrooms and are more fund-friendly, making them a great volition for people looking for budget-friendly options.


so, you should go for a queen bed mattress as it offers a bit more length if you find your bases sticking out at the bottom of your bed.

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