What Effect Does Blended Learning Have on Students’ Performance?

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Blended Learning

The blended learning approach is when online resources are given to students along with on-campus classes, this method is usually done for higher studies. Ever since the pandemic, this is a learning approach that has been used a lot. Blended learning is a mix of online and instructor-led instruction. The blended learning approach has both advantages and disadvantages; it positively affects students’ performance and has a negative effect.

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Blended learning leads to increased achievements; students perform better as they gain more understanding in both ways. Students might be learning in class, and online having access to a lot of material might positively affect their performances.


Blended learning allows students to learn at their own pace; with this approach, students take their time in understanding the work, they have trouble with the fast pace approach in a classroom, and they have a hard time coping with that, so this is a good way for them to learn without any hurry.


This may also lead to a rise in classroom encounters and conversations, as the presentations are available online for students to read. Afterward, the time in the classroom can be used for discussions. Discussions help students comprehend better because they help them learn better through conversations and interactions. As a consequence, this is an effective strategy. Learn about online languages classes.


Unlike a fixed class time every student needs to attend, blending learning doesn’t require that as students can listen to the lectures whenever they have time. The material will always be available to them, and they can access it whenever they want. Without the blended learning approach, if students missed a lecture in class for whatever reason, that meant they would lack behind, and they wouldn’t be able to access it. Still, the material available online is a significant advantage for the students, so they don’t miss any of their lectures.


This learning approach also gives the students a chance to learn and read about other influential people and their work; this offers them access to better material and increases their range of knowledge.



While implementing this system, one must understand that most individuals don’t have access to technology, which might suffer because of it. They may not have connectivity to the web or even a laptop, impairing their work.


One of the most important aspects of going to college is building social skills and interacting with people, but because of this, most people might not go to the campus. Hence, they will not be able to meet the people there and make friends, blended learning might mean students becoming more isolated, and isolation eventually leads to loneliness; we as human beings are social animals, and someone who is currently a student needs to be out there to interact with their fellow peers.


Many students have been complaining about how they have difficulty learning through online applications. Students tend to become distracted, and they cannot concentrate; while listening to recorded lectures on zoom, students have a hard time focusing. They might also lack the motivation to do the work online. Lectures online also don’t have the same effect as those who live in a classroom. This kind of learning might also become very confusing for the students and also very stressful; they might have a hard time switching before the two, attending classes on campus and then doing the work online or listening to further lectures online might be a bit stressful and will lead to the student’s performance being affected negatively.


Overall, the blended learning approach might have been beneficial. It also has its opposing sides. Blended learning became popular, with more and more schools and colleges implementing this approach after the pandemic hit. This method of learning, especially in higher education levels, might affect the students’ performance in both negative and positive ways.

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