What Does it Take to Become a Youtuber in 2023?

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Youtube trends

YOUTUBE is a known word these days. The only video platform with 122 million daily active users. It’s immersive, interactive, and fun– no doubt people spend 1 billion hours on youtube content daily. Its spontaneous growth hasn’t seen a dip since 2005. Not to mention the hard work other video-sharing platforms like Vimeo or Dailymotion put in, yet they weren’t a match.

Youtube: Best Video Advertising Platform

Today it stands alone as a preferable video advertising platform for at least 8 out of 10 marketers (Oberlo). They use it extensively for showcasing their product features, new launches, customer reviews, and whatsoever they like.

However, marketing on youtube isn’t everyone’s cup of cappuccino. Anyone familiar with youtube trends understands the value of staying relevant and consistent. But it doesn’t end there. Youtube regularly updates algorithms, making it easier for viewers to get personalized content, but it’s nothing less than dodging a bullet for YouTubers.

Does that mean you cannot grow on youtube in 2023?

Absolutely not!

Though difficult, youtube is a gateway to the next generation of consumers. Plus, it’s nothing short of exciting content makers. With a few tricks up your sleeve, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll become the most-subscribed or popular YouTuber ever. Whether you use youtube for brand promotion or as a passive income source through vlogging, these tricks and tips will add to your youtube strategy.

Tips & Tricks to Grow Youtube Channel in 2023

Before you get to the tricky section, first learn to adapt. The Youtube algorithm is dynamic. You can no longer solely rely on:

●        Know your audience
●        Research your competitors
●        Quality Content
●        Find your niche audience

Though the above strategies add enormous value to your youtube growth but believe the metrics are not ‘enough.’


Like everything else, your youtube strategy needs to change, adapt and relate to trends. For that purpose, you need to remember three things:

●        Youtube is not FB, IG, or Twitter, but a combination of these
●        Youtube is interactive and immersive, perfect for advertising or promotions
●        Youtube supports uniqueness

That means there is no rocket science behind youtube; it’s all basics. Get to the core business of youtube and see how it evolved over the years from only a video-sharing platform to an advertising medium. It currently generates more leads than any other source.

Going back to tips, there isn’t one you haven’t already heard of, but here’s the catch:

Learn to Follow the Future-Oriented Trends

Youtube supports newer trends. Take sustainable living and minimalist design, for example. All these trends shape the future, and the youtube community looks to bring more contemporary perspectives into their lives.

Youtube isn’t just AI

Many assume that adding lots of keywords will add more subscribers or viewers to their list. Only if that’s the case. Youtube relies on the audience, who are humans with real emotions. So, if you call youtube an advertising medium, ensure you understand the basics of advertising, i.e., appeal.

Quality, Consistency, and Relevance

The three virtues for all YouTubers. These are key to growing youtube channels, and believe the experts; these aren’t going anywhere. So, creating quality content consistently to target the relevant audience– is the sole grow youtube channel mantra.

At Last!

Analyze youtube trends regularly. You can skip a vacation but not algorithm updates. Obviously, travel vloggers can’t do that unless they want to keep their subscribers waiting. That’s all for now, bye-bye!

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