Vitamin B12 deficiency: The tell-tale sign when waking up after a ‘good’ night’s sleep

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Vitamin B12 deficiency

A Vitamin deficiency can have a huge impact on our well being. Without certain nutrients our bodies can struggle to function to the best of their ability. And vitamin B12 deficiency is a prime example of this.

As B12 plays a “key” role in the production of red blood cells, it affects the amount of oxygen your body gets. So without the vitamin, which is found in lots of foods including meat, cheese and eggs, we can feel weak, struggle with movement and experience mood changes. It also has a huge impact on our energy levels.
Fatigue is a well known symptom of a Vitamin B12 deficiency, but it could be easy to mistake just feeling tired or run down for a sign.

However, there is one way to tell in the morning if it is genuine fatigue – signaling a lack of B12.

Health and wellbeing store, Holland and Barrett, explains: “The vitamin is important for your red blood cells.

“Red blood cells also transport oxygen around your body, from your lungs.

“Oxygen is important for your muscles and for recovering after exertion or exercise.

“Vitamin B12 also helps metabolize protein, which is important for muscle building.

“This means that no matter how much or how good a sleep you get at night and how much you work out during the day, you will still feel tired and weak if you are not getting enough B12.”

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